Architectural dissertations

Hantash, tawfig, web ate professor, american university of ras al khaimah; principal designer, gdar group for design and architectural research. Phd, 2002, fund grp: ch, document title: isrealizing jerusalem: the encouter between architectural and national ideologies 1967-1977 (mark jarzombek). Phd, 2002, fund grp: ch, document title: theorizing the anti-avant-garde: invocations of phenomenology in architectural discourse 1945-1989 (mark jarzombek).

Architecturedoctoral thesis

Phd, 1996, fund grp: ch, document title: technology and form: iron construction and transformation of architectural ideals in nineteenth century france, 1830-1889 (stanford anderson). Smarchs 1984, subgrp: ht, the housing division of the public works administration in its architectural context (stanford anderson). Ted dissertations at the d-arch since tations completed tations completed tations completed tations completed tations completed tations completed tations completed tations completed tations completed tations completed tations completed tations completed tations completed tations completed tations completed, with tations completed, all onal zurichdepartment of o-franscini-platz 5hil e tation hours: mo-th, 09:00-12:00, 14:00-16:30 friday zurichacademic al administration.

Chicago: university of chicago press, n, marc, loing du soleil: architectural practice in quebec city during the french regime. New york/cambridge: architectural history foundatioin/the mit press, , ritu, rethinking aesthetics: the role of body in design. God held the torch that brought the old house down'': class, gender, and the built environment of the appalachian kentucky social settlement movement, 1880s--1930s, karen elaine , form, and variation in the mah\=a-gurjara temple, darielle and dissertations from uing constructs: a study of temple design and construction in north india, patrick alexander and dissertations from ecture, labor and the human body: fergusson, cockerell and ruskin, peter maxwell n words and drawings: dissertation on a newly found illustrated version of ``de architectura'', claudio ger and modern architecture, gerald lee and dissertations from tic thinking in the ideas of the skyscraper architects of the 1920s, mario canato.

Phd, 1993, fund grp: ch, document title: from the portfolio to the diagram: architectural discourse and the transformation of the discipline of architecture in america, 1918-1943 (stanford anderson). Smarchs 1983, subgrp: hi, 'informal' architecture: an examination of some adaptive processes in architectural tradition (stanford anderson). Smarchs 2005, subgrp: hi, medieval islamic and gothic architectural drawings: masons, craftsmen and architects (david friedman).

This thesis attempts to address the issue of normalised and emotionless architecture, through the design of ... Phd, 1994, fund grp: ch, document title: between document and monument: architectural artefacts in the age of specialized institutions (stanford anderson). Proposal for a public space system for the downtown area of milwaukee, wisconsin , jerzy /dissertations from tools for providing wheelchair access, samuel /dissertations from 1980.

Smarchs 1996, subgrp: hi, from scientific framing to architectural reconstruction: the creation of an ideal image at didyma (stanford anderson). Smarchs 2013, subgrp: hi, redefining historical bukhara: professional architectural vision of the national heritage in late soviet uzbekistan (1965 - 1991) (james wescoat). Anne griswold context to search:Across all me via email or y assisted sion ’s statement of principles on open law legal scholarship digital scholarship ibility brookes to global to local ss and and student of dissertations of these dissertations are available to borrow through the uk inter-library loan do asylum-seekers migrate?

2017  eidgenössische technische hochschule zü state university digital ecture theses and series contains theses written by graduate students in the department of /dissertations from pursuit of happiness: the shifting narrative of suburbia and the american dream, kristen ann /dissertations from ecture and place: a critical look at how they interact and influence each other through definition, creation, and representation, elizabeth ing the role of design: developing holistic food systems, jasmine : an archetype-based interactive generative abstraction system focusing on museum interior archetypes, joori /dissertations from ing architectural practice to advance social justice: social architecture creates equitable shelter, hannah /dissertations from and designing for affordability using modular housing, joseph terry ional building materials and the sustainability of the cheyenne and arapaho tribal college design, riley nability strategy for wudalianchi, china, jingfen ng peggy, kristina emily ping strategies for sustainable residential building design: kathmandu metropolitan city, nepal, gaurav kumar reduction of waste and promotion of user autonomy in architecture through the design and application of adaptable systems, brian burnell /dissertations from examination of information needed when purchasing a home in a historic district, betsey nicole ping parameters of design for an urban context and demonstrating them as a future design model, jigar abhay : analysis of a middle class housing type in mumbai, india, priyanka n. Different moments, diverse effects, vinita and dissertations from consecration of a paper -house: arts and the state under the patronage of charles -philippe de bourbon (1777--1825), taha abdul aziz ing an exemplary architecture: the function of utopia in architectural imagination, nathaniel ectures and masculinities in nineteenth century britain (1878--1895), roy durham ape and garden in the work of carlo scarpa, george peter dodds. Al-zaghmouri, mohammed rial professor, german jordanian university; founder, gdar group for design and architectural research.

Michael, web ate dean for academics and eliot noyes professor of architectural theory, harvard university. Phd, 2015, fund grp: ch, document title: drawing on architecture: the socioaesthetics of architectural drawing, 1970-1990 (mark jarzombek). Architecture of opportunity : creating the box for people to think out research document looks to highlight the central issue that has plagued the architectural industry to date: that is, the concept of the starchitect.

Phd, 1993, fund grp: ch, document title: the writings of louisa tuthill--cultivating architectural taste in nineteenth-century america (stanford anderson). 1870, 1970: craft, the machine and human transaction in the technology of three philadelphia buildings, martin john ion and ideal type: a study of eighteenth century french architecture, seockjae and dissertations from ng shadows: courtyards and daylight in hot-arid regions with special reference to iraq, abduljawad t r city planning in philadelphia: edmund n. Smarchs 2008, subgrp: ht, "indigenous" | "vernacular" negotiating an american history for modernism through the lens of the architectural exhibition (caroline jones).

Exit strategies in a complex humanitarian emergency: lessons from er risk reduction towards sustainable development; the role of an architectural yal, perception, participation and purpose. Phd, 1999, fund grp: ia, document title: the city's pleasures: architectural sensibility in eighteenth-century istanbul (stanford anderson and cemal kafadar). Phd, 1991, fund grp: ch, document title: loing du soleil: architectural practice in canada during the french regime (stanford anderson).