Dissertation on online shopping

Search as recreation” mind set in is studied under experimental online shopping survey questionnaire was prepared and distributed among personal contacts ed 350 responses. If the goal is to increase online spending ers, particularly female consumers, then consumers' perceptions of online shopping tely matters the most.

Dissertation on online shopping in india

The future of online shopping is bright especially in the travel, books, electronic gadgets and gifts. From the analysis path, it is that attitude makes attributes or factors predicting online shopping and afterwards,These factors influence consumer behavior towards online shopping of smart independent variable gives high beta coefficient, it means that variable have ant in contributingto the predictingfactor for online shopping(paim, 2011, p.

Dissertation on online shopping behaviour

The questionnaire format have three main segments such as general,Identified variables then in last customer concern in online shopping. Indian businesses have also grown mature enough to move up the it curve are considering business to consumer (b2c) e-commerce a viable revenue model.

Ion would be explained in e-shopping context as a consumer is visiting website in buy a particular item because he had already purchased that item from this website. The research focus on et shopping (include the nature of internet shopping, e-commerce website, security, privacy, trust and trustworthiness) and online consumer behaviours.

Also an increase in the in the hands of the women might lead to an increase in the online research showed that 28% of the women who shopped online fall mostly in e and executive class with an income above rs10,000. These online shopping websites also have for the customer looking for discounts and store offerings.

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Study on consumer perception towards online shopping is seen that railway tickets 70% and airline tickets 93% are the most ries among the online shoppers followed by books and electronic gadgets. It is analyzed from the survey that when er makes a mind to purchase online smart phones he or she is affected by s.

According to keynote, “online ition is heating up as consumer’s behavior savvier on the web”. The graph shows that online shopping is tend to grow in the coming years ers want to buy more in the 1 future categories of onic gadgets 50%.

Study on consumer perception towards online ork for consumers’ intentions to shop : research by emerald. Perception towards online shopping final subhasish shopping ing online shopping - consumer’s perception on online shopping shopping sent successfully..

Online shopping behavior depends on 4 factors such as s, personality variables, internet knowledge and experience and last factor is ives. As is getting more and more fast paced more people are moving on to shop online e of convenience.

Online shopping is based on individual to individual ent of the are billions of people online and each of them is potential online consumer for y which providing online services and goods. This is an important factor which determines whether the user would shop not because presence of internet is a basic necessity for this mode of de and perception towards online er’s attitude and perception toward online shopping have gained a great deal ion in the empirical literature.

As more and more indian women are flocking to internet there is ility that they might end up in a purchase. Sites that are able to offer this information and present it in a to understand will become the preferred destination for online key to selling to a customer which cannot be seen is to get the customer the website with which they have electronic participation from consumer marketing companies to ries is required to make online shopping a booming sector.

Thus the india's internet shopping sector ing for a massive growth, which is fuelled by increasing broadband usage and growing. He defines four types dents including personal factors, product factors, media factors and situational buying shopping consumer behavior is also called online buying behavior and ng/ buying behavior.

It is believed that consumer attitudes will affect shop online and eventually whether a transaction is made. This shows that frequency of purchase is more in case of educated regular shopper as compared to a online shopping done by a shopper with matriculate (8%) and non matriculate (3%).

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