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Furthermore, sociolinguistics provides both a descriptive model for selecting and classifying linguistic variables and counting their occurrence as well as an established theoretical framework for interpreting linguistic variation.

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Sociolinguistic approach to the study of literary dialect in the work of john galt and christian thesis, university of text available as:This thesis is interested in the communicative function of literary dialect.

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Taking john galt's the entail (1823) and the provost (1822) together with `west country exclusives' by christian johnstone (1834-5) as case studies, the thesis aims to develop, apply and assess a series of analytical procedures which can effectively describe the selection and distribution of literary dialect in these texts and can explain the range of functions dialect serves: its role in creating the impression of verisimilitude and the development of characterisation, together with its wider thematic and stylistic functions.

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Good way thinking of ideas for a sociolinguistics essay is to think about any areas of language of the society that you live in that interest you.

In this respect the thesis develops a system of `metavariables' which can account for different categories of scotticism.