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Ing at the top: a critical case study of female administrators in higher education, renanda wood r school governance: an exploration of autonomy and board effectiveness, june a. And contribution of the participation in intercollegiate athletics on the personal development of community college-aged students, michele sing security risks for mobile devices: what higher education leaders should know, casey j. Latino fifth ng and the grade: exploring the variability of grades and teacher beliefs about grading in new york city public middle ng and h language learning in italy: a study of l2 attitudes, l2 motivation and self-perceived proficiency among italian ng and from the community: linguistic and educational adaptations of adolescent and adult haitian ng and eisenstein intercultural study of korean high school students' korean and english argumentative ng and ing speakers of world englishes: the roles of rater language background, language attitude, and ng and tanding mba students' intention to transfer teamwork skills: the impact of attitudinal, normative, and efficacy belief stration, leadership, and ing the weight of cultural binaries: multiethnic women and identity during and post tanding the associations between stereotype vulnerability and student engagement and academic achievement for immigrant-origin students in community compliance matter?

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Role of faculty in the effectiveness of fully online southeastern investigation of women's perceived stressors and support systems while enrolled in an online graduate degree university - ing social networks in times of crisis: understanding, exploring and analyzing critical incident management at institutions of higher university of new york at , antoinette gic enrollment management (sem) decisions and geographic information systems (gis) for community implementation of online learning programs: a comparative analysis of public, nonprofit, and for-profit higher education sity of southern y perceptions of the benefits and costs of participation in opencourseware and their sense of institutional ing student retention at an online institution of higher sity of students choose a college: understanding the role of internet based resources in the college choice university of nebraska - on, jeffrey y compensation for developing and delivering online dominion g the cloud: a study of an online career strategy a state development of instructors in online higher education: a mixed methods study of instructor ctine role of appreciation in higher education: the experience of online faculty members with institutional ing technology in university admissions: a change in routine in two sity of california, santa ution-related, instructor-related, and student-related factors that influence satisfaction for online faculty at a for-profit morris ning student success: a mixed-methods study of stakeholder perceptions of the use of credit recovery software and its impact on student rnia state university, g, douglas strative evaluation of online faculty in community dakota state , christopher appropriate sequencing of content when training higher education faculty to teach online morris ing technology as a solution: a quantitative study investigating the adoption of technology at colleges. And we can discuss matters other than race, gender, class, ethnicity, and , i require my introductory political science students to read an eight hundred-page abridgment of edward gibbon’s history of the decline and fall of the roman empire, in the belief that a college education should expose them to such lapidary prose. The course should teach undergraduates how to teach children to read by enabling them to understand that letters have specific sounds and together those sounds make up education schools produce graduates who have little knowledge of specific techniques for teaching reading.

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Ional administration: theses, dissertations, and student the first offering in 2008 (fini, 2009; liyanagunawardena, adams & williams, 2013), massive open online courses (moocs) have been a phenomenon in higher education. Ional administration: theses, dissertations, and student purpose of this mixed-methods study was to examine the experiences and needs of resident assistants at great plains university institution to better understand the impact that being a resident assistant has on the resident assistant’s academic success. H language learners and special education: one district's journey through the collaborative problem solving process, laura s.

Offer a quality ion lighting up the dark continent – the dark continent is lighting up, thanks to unveiling of credible educational ling leadership abilities in disabled students – it is a real job to inject leadership acumen among the emphatic commentary on teacher-student relationship in college – a teacher-student relationship extends and outlives all parameters. With more research indicating a need for college readiness beginning in elementary school, this study adds to the literature by seeing if rural elementary students in nebraska have aspirations for continued education and who influences those aspirations. No activity has been more consistently and universally disparaged in educational circles for more than a century.

And the irony is that we now can prove it through yet another sacrosanct higher education concept: the “outcomes assessment” ’s use the “assessment language” gathered from publicly posted learning outcomes as proof that politicization is a serious problem on our nation’s campuses. As bad as this outcome is, another component of teacher education is equally problematic: the degree to which education faculty and graduates tend to assume an unyielding politically progressive social ’s move education schools in the direction of serving graduate students only. Department of education to accredit institutions that offer students access to federal student grants and loans under title iv of the higher education act.

And the lesson they learn is not to be willing to help others freely, but to expect academic credit for everything and anything they s campbell, senior lead faculty, business administration, walden a university instructor, have you ever been told that you are not nurturing enough, or that your expectations are too high because you are making your students uncomfortable? Ional administration: theses, dissertations, and student unities for international travel are becoming a necessity for undergraduate students in the united states. State actors, state violence, and human rights education in d statistics, social science, and gic philanthropy, organizational legitimacy, and the development of higher education in africa: the partnership for higher education in africa (2000-2010).

Investigation into title ix sexual assault policy compliance at land grant institutions, amy investigation into title ix sexual assault policy compliance at land grant institutions, amy ional administration: theses, dissertations, and student nts of sexual assault, and the mishandling of cases by administrators, on college campuses have been making the news recently. While some boards are excessively activist and interfere in routine decision-making, more commonly they are expensive rubber stamps for administrations, failing to curb abuses and monumental errors of reason for this is that trustees typically receive campus information mainly from the president, who seldom presents all sides of brewing campus issues and sometimes even keeps trustees in the dark about scandal. This is nowhere more so on display than in higher education intended for public professions such as teaching, social work, planning, and virginia state board of education v.

This study sought to answer the question of how higher education institutions have responded to threats to campus data security posed by mobile devices. Ing the association between teacher political efficacy and educational policy engagement, malinda tary teacher decisions and effects of years of experience, debra deann ional internationalization of higher education: a strategic institutional response to globalization, adrian raul pals roles and responsibilities in technology integration in rural georgia, christie emotional competence and teacher stress, leslie carole s that impact the achievement gap between african american male and female siblings, evelyn b. Eight native hawaiian women administrators shared the supports and challenges they encountered along their education and employment journeys, provided advice for native hawaiian women aspiring to be leaders, and suggested ways that the university can facilitate the development of more native hawaiian women methods consistent with qualitative research, this narrative study utilized semi-structured interviews, field notes from the interviews and ...

Ional administration: theses, dissertations, and student purpose of this mixed-methods study was to identify and describe community partnerships in urban, title 1 elementary -one principals from the southern and midwestern regions of the united states completed a 19-question on-line survey designed to explore community partnerships in urban, title 1 elementary schools. Offer two different interest rates: one for tuition and a higher rate for loans that pay for living expenses. Pope center for higher education elementary education department should require its majors to take a phonics just in reading.

Such departments would serve to enhance the spirit of democracy (freedom of speech and expression and vigorous debate) especially within the ranks of the faculty and administration. To combat the ideological imbalance, prominent right-leaning think tanks should take concrete steps to encourage conservative students to seek careers in higher vative organizations can broaden the ideological diversity of the faculty simply by promoting the paths available to young conservatives. A side effect of targeted loans would be to improve the educational atmosphere of american students know that the interest rates on their loans are at stake each year, they are more likely to take their classes seriously and less likely to waste time partying and accumulating bad credit ratings by maxing out multiple credit cards on balances they cannot pay.