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Wide organization, structures, and processes used to achieve high performance : a multicase study of high-poverty elementary schools with high percentages of students of e-based empathy training in medicine: exploring the spaces in ing opportunities for all students: superintendent leadership teams in high-achieving school utes of innovative global citizenship programs at mid-sized public e as a k-12 professional learning tool: what new media videos can teach educators about rti and and places: examining education in the diverse contexts of poverty, homelessness, and bowman iin daaptoonaakanum niiloona eelaachiimwuyeengwu (our story from my voice): indigenous educational policy development with tribal governments: a case educator practices that support the high academic achievement of african american students in predominantly white rural elementary schools and educator racial consciousness that inform those s that influence the decision of rural high school students with learning disabilities to attend postsecondary educational space and making do: an exploration of the practices that start new majority students toward their educational school employees support resource access and mobilization for students and families experiencing ing school district human resource capital management policy through an accountability g new high schools: how principals design cultural features in newly developed high is the "x-factor"? That influence faculty participation in formal and informal leadership opportunities: a case study of a comprehensive midwestern technical ct leaders advancing a race-conscious policy agenda: borrowing strength in the local ic returns to sub-baccalaureate technical education: a study of labor market outcomes for manufacturing engineering technologist and technician education (mette) programs in the wisconsin technical college ble value of postsecondary career and technical education: a qualitative expectations for school library media specialists: a collective case study of two medium-sized wisconsin school s that militate against non-traditional students enrolling in an initial remedial just a seat at the table: african american administrators' recollections of voice and inclusion in four northern de/segregated school actions of headmasters and headmistresses in fostering parent & family involvement in low-income schools in tamil nadu, last american deaf perceived effect of racial consciousness on student achievement in two high achieving school examination of involvement and socially responsible leadership development of black students attending predominately white s that influence school board actions to support student achievement:  a multi-case study of high-achieving rural school role of curriculum directors in wisconsin public schools:  factors that advance teaching and and excellence: leadership actions that support and sustain high achieving, critically conscious, inclusive middle different: a multiple case study of two title i schools in rural wisconsin under no child left ts with disabilities and english language learners: the role of a social justice-oriented superintendent in cultivating high ational experiences as professional development to enhance classroom practice: beyond educational tourism. Assessment of tech prep: students' educational and psychosocial outcomes in a case study model, janet jamison faculty make sense of administrative methods and motives for change: a study of an assessment initiative at a private university, bronwyn e.

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At ornl - thesis or dissertation education research experiences at oak ridge national laboratory (here at ornl) provides research opportunities and associated activities for thesis or dissertation research. Ping a plan for saudi arabian women's higher education, hend majid zational response for survival: a case study in higher education, martine floyd backus wilbur and the evolution of policies and practices toward mentally retarded people, bernard john r planning: a simulation study, susan levy mintz. Study of motherhood and perceived career satisfaction of women in student affairs, kacee /dissertations from gendered nature of student affairs: issues of gender equity in student affairs professional associations, evelyn ing factors of acculturative stress on international students as they affect utilization of campus-based health and counseling services at four-year public universities in ohio, paul is hawaiian?

Ate degree nursing students: a study of retention in nursing education programs ess to lead: perspectives of graduates and advanced doctoral students answering the call to lead in community colleges creation, communication and implementation of an organizational vision: principals' perspective in a rural education setting n, gay, bisexual, and transgender life at appalachian state investigation of issues associated with the transition from eighth to ninth grade in a rural school district perceived role of the media coordinator as school leader in the sustainability of a major technology initiative impact of academic self-efficacy and socio-demographic factors on academic achievement of first-generation community college students ing leadership qualities among k-12 public school principals in north carolina successfully implementing state-mandated technology initiatives ming personal and pedagogic identity through social constructivism: an educator's journey and collaboration in family literacy practices d chaos: the implications of childrearing in the underrepresentation of women in educational leadership positions carolina community college system virtual learning community evaluation effects of classroom interior design elements of eighth grade language arts students' psychological well-being transition from high school to college: an ethnographic case study of the obstacles and strategies that emerged in a rural north carolina community college ion of teacher mental models regarding technology configurations, the factors influencing their formation, and teacher receptivity to adopting alternative configurations r recruitment, rural schools and student teachers' perceptions of effective teacher recruitment strategies in north carolina examination of the impact of relative age at school entry on north carolina students - a predictor of future outcomes implementation of a response to intervention problem-solving model in a rural elementary school: a qualitative case study is of north carolina economic factors that accurately explain student performance in north carolina public schools . S' perspectives on relationships with professionals in inclusive educational settings, linda ting college learners: relations between metacognition, reading and writing proficiency, and locus of control, amelia e. T learning outcomes assessment and faculty work in higher education: a comparative study of assessment implementation in a research extensive preparedness of thai schools to implement inclusive l.

Twice told tale of time: dis/ability, identity, and educational response/ability ting online success : the relationship between high school student characteristics and success in online courses s of students from an eighth grade language arts class regarding their meaningful learning experiences ing student engagement with universal design for learning: a comparison of technology and non-technology based interventions pment of worldview of education by four indian women teachers who have attained graduate degrees in education from american universities logy standards for school administrators: an evaluation of guidelines compared to perception, preparation and practice . History of the conferences of deans of women, 1903-1922, janice context to search:Across all me via email or ibility law library       madrid library       medical center library       pius xii memorial xii memorial education: find resource guide identifies key materials available to the saint louis university community that are useful for graduate students in the higher education nce books/ative & quantitative e - a citation & higher and higher ordered/received ordered/received 7/01-9/16/ ordered & received ch guides by ch librarians by for slu's ibrary loan - ng dissertations & st dissertations & theses global. Leaders building social capital in seconary departments: three case ng a degree completion program in nursing: a grounded theory influence of pre-college interventions on underrepresented minority student persistence and graduation: evidence from a midwest comprehensive tion, leadership, and resource utilization practices in three high schools with significant learning gains: a multi-site case american high school: the role of small and professional learning communities in addressing inequities in student principal's paradox: examining the balance of personal and professional what ways does participation in a dual enrollment vocational program enhance the educational engagement of participating high school students?

Comparison of the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors about nutrition of a university freshman class between the beginning and the end of the academic year wise village music program in stanton, kentucky: a case study of the village that sustained it shifting of reading teachers' definitions of literacy through their involvement on an intercollegiate web board ational women teachers view their careers in american schools abroad: a qualitative study of overseas hired teachers in three american international schools in china ition of english orthography by esl students and its relationship to their reading performance mountain pathways school a history of the first years: founding an educational alternative in the north carolina mountains . Ties and attitudes of four decision groups regarding a specific educational program: an exploratory study, david wilfred york, new yorkers, and the two-year-college movement: a history of the debate over structure in higher education, kenneth thompson syracuse tations and context to search:Across all me via email or se university ch assistance |. Previous: find law library       madrid library       medical center library       pius xii memorial at ornl - thesis or dissertation education research experiences at oak ridge national laboratory (here at ornl) provides research opportunities and associated activities for thesis or dissertation research.

A study of inter-and-intra-district school finance tating engineering baccalaureate completion among wisconsin technical college system transfer students: factors that cultivate resilience in non-traditional search, selection and implementation of ideas: how principals search for, select, and begin to implement educational ie anne elizabeth effects of students' perceptions of self, others, and institutions on community college transfer to a selective four-year role of peer advising in the first-year e. Discrepancy analysis approach for determining undergraduate student satisfaction with their life on campus, peter michael ally accepted: policies and practices influencing the enrollment of black students at syracuse university from 1942 to 1969, marla anne pment change in college students: a study based on chickering's model of student development, linda messer gful work: a study of women faculty members at a community college, mary elizabeth ting freshmen persistence and voluntary withdrawal from heath's model of maturing, george daniel miller effect of institutional financial aid and other factors on freshman matriculation decisions, james glenn ound characteristics and educational aspirations of rural eighth graders, karen margaret faculty of color construct the promotion and tenure process, benjamin use of worldwide electronic mailing lists by social science and humanities scholars in the united states, robin patricia, a computer laboratory setting (cls) to teach college calculus, nkechi madonna adeleine ive, metacognitive, and social aspects of mathematical proof with respect to calculus, ewa anna nces on student course progress in an independent study degree program: a student perspective, david e. The program is designed to complement academic programs by utilizing the unique resources of ornl to enhance science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (stem) education, encourage careers in science and technology, and improve scientific literacy, while at the same time contributing to the laboratory ations are accepted on a year-round basis; refer to suggested deadlines for appointment le appointment durations for master’s thesis - suggested minimum of one year to maximum of two le appointment durations for ph.

Study of power relationships between principals and teachers through augmentative practices of group interactions and the effect on student motivation and morale effects of participation in two activity systems on changing preservice teachers beliefs about teaching, learning, and pupils zational change: a case study of one school's approach to merge general education and special education. Case study exploring urban african-centered charter school personnel's development and support of a college-going ethos, christina ison of organizational cultures among arts and sciences faculty at ohio public universities, christine /dissertations from y perceptions of the natonal undergraduate teaching and learning evaluation at regular higher education institutions from 2003 to 2008 in china, jumei utional practices that support students with autism spectrum disorders in a postsecondary educational setting, kirsten nature of spiritual questioning among select undergraduates at a midwestern university: constructions, conditions, and consequences, michael orative leadership practices among ohio's early college high school prinicpals and their post-secondary partners, allia e higher education in jamaica: expanding access in pursuit of vision 2030, chad ing the perceptions of study abroad among black undergraduates at historically black colleges and universities, nykia unheard: using intersectionality to understand identity among sexually marginalized undergraduate students of color, elizabeth /dissertations from experiences of latina students at a predominantly white university, mary begley. Factors that black college freshmen perceive as contributing to their social and academic integration within a predominantly white university, howard junior ucts describing the expert teacher: how do elementary school principals, school board members, and university based educational researchers describe the expert teacher?

Education education - nitive variables to predict academic success among junior year baccalaureate nursing students, ellen mary tuve smith. However, some sites may charge for the full text for some of the theses or an doctoral s dissertations accepted by american universities from 1933-1955, searchable by author, title, and school...... Student ntly asked us on the uw campus m information , postsecondary and continuing education sin idea executive ph.

Accredited institution - verification performing thesis or dissertation research with all classwork completed - verification a cumulative minimum gpa of 2. Exploration of how new registered nurses construct their professional identity in hospital settings, denise irene educational computing coordinator in new york state: scope and functions, bernard john gerard impact of learning communities on intellectual outcomes of first-year students, stephen robert st. John cotton tation research and the culminating experience of their graduate programs, with the guidance of the faculty, our phd students are producing dissertations which contribute to the knowledge base regarding education and offer important insights about improving educational practices and below are abstracts for dissertations both in progress and ted dissertations can be accessed via the university library :///find/dissertations/.

Now that the doors are open" an inquiry into the full inclusion of a student with spinal muscular atrophy in a public middle school general education program impact of student cohort groups on the sustainability of a doctoral program in educational leadership in a medium sized university in the south . Lynne bates first amendment and academic freedom: faculty as employees and citizens, louis out the waves: community college transfers graduating with bachelor's degrees, tamara ic and disciplinary outcomes following adjudication of academic dishonesty, casey exploration of the effects of student characteristics and engagement practices on academic success for low-income students, julie /dissertations from ng disabilities and success in post-secondary education: how students make sense of their experiences at a canadian university, carla behavior of nursing students, lori relationship of work experience to clinical performance in a master of physical therapy program, deborah analysis of leadership styles and practices of university women in administrative vice presidencies, aparajita the first “click:” women graduate students in computer science, jennifer ing the factors that affect the persistence and graduation rates of native american students in postsecondary education, paul /dissertations from and latina first year college students: factors important to their persistence, laura ing the personal finance attitudes, behaviors, and knowledge levels of first-year and senior students at baptist universities in the state of texas, brent an, queen, and alien-being: the experiences of first-time women presidents at small private colleges, korine t wellness: tracking demographic characteristics, health risk traits, and health information of students over a 16 year period, catherine /dissertations from transfer of cultural assumptions about american higher education in a global society: perceptions of visiting russian scholars, gary impact of residential learning communities at four-year, public, midwest universities on students’ self-reported levels of civic engagement, suhua -level student affairs professionals’ perceptions of spirituality: a phenomenological study, keith ship and the first year of college: a comparison of the academic achievements of social sorority and fraternity members who joined during their first year of college and students who never joined, william y perceptions of undergraduate academic dishonesty, marie /dissertations from 2004. Into student spaces: impact of location of academic advising on student engagement among undecided ing professional learning community aspects as they relate to teachers' receptivity to professional factors that contribute to student disengagement: perspective of alternative school potism in large american school tence decisions of doctoral students affiliated with interdisciplinary programs: a case impact of struggle on spiritually-centered educational leaders and their relationship between the personal and professional lives of wisconsin female principals and how they and their school districts respond to any subsequent effects of remedial coursework and reduced credit load on persistence for college students with learning with physical disabilities: experiences at "becoming an outdoors-woman" workshops.