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Mathematics of scientific and industrial ad akram - linear and quadratic finite elements for a moving mesh ash - examination of non-time harmonic radio waves incident on dra moran - harbour modelling and panti - boundary element method for heat transfer in a buried parrinello - modelling water uptake in rice using moving twigger - blow-up in the nonlinear schrodinger equation using an adaptive mesh ward - numerical evaluation of oscillatory opher warner - forward and inverse water-wave scattering by topography. Rebekah loraine nature and frequency of mathematical discussion during lesson study that implemented the cmi framework, andrew ray graders' solution strategies and understanding of a combination problem, tiffany marie does it mean to preservice mathematics teachers to anticipate student responses?

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University of atics dissertations and atics dissertations and atics dissertations and ript is disabled for your browser. Of questions that comprise a teacher's questioning discourse in a conceptually-oriented classroom, keilani /dissertations from t teachers' interactive decisions with respect to student mathematics thinking, jonathan j.

Ing two different student teaching structures by analyzing conversations between student teachers and their cooperating teachers, niccole suzette sional development as a community of practice and its associated influence on the induction of a beginning mathematics teacher, savannah o. 1924), a comparative study of the charlier and the pearson systems of frequency /dissertations from er, harley w.

Spectra of cables of 2-bridge knots, nicholas john ations of discrete mathematics for understanding dynamics of synapses and networks in neuroscience, caitlyn parmelee. Some features of this site may not work without atics dissertations and within this collection:Certain plane , george stafford (university of kansas, 1930).

Main challenges that a teacher-in-transition faces when teaching a high school geometry class, greg brough ering the derivative can be "invigorating:" mark's journey to understanding instantaneous velocity, charity ann gardner /dissertations from a master teacher uses questioning within a mathematical discourse community, omel angel ining high school geometry students' geometric understanding using van hiele levels: is there a difference between standards-based curriculum students and nonstandards-based curriculum students? T evaluation of mathematical explanations in aninquiry-based mathematics classroom, ashley burgess h learners' participation in mathematical discourse, lindsay marie atical interactions between teachers and students in the finnish mathematics classroom, paula jeffery s and the common core state standards for mathematics, rebecca anne ing the effects of college algebra on students' mathematical dispositions, kevin lee ms faced by reform oriented novice mathematics teachers utilizing a traditional curriculum, tyler joseph ic and peer status in the mathematical life stories of students, carol ann /dissertations from effect of students' mathematical beliefs on knowledge transfer, kristen ge use in mathematics textbooks written in english and spanish, kailie ann rs' curricular reasoning and mkt in the context of algebra and statistics, kolby j.

Mathematics of scientific and industrial tta howarth - integral equation formulations for scattering fairbairn - comparison of the ensemble transform kalman filter with the ensemble transform kalman payne - mathematical modelling of platelet signalling pathwaysmesh generation and its application to finite element pham - mesh generation and its application to finite element cole - blow-up in a chemotaxis model using a moving mesh method. Influence of risk taking on student creation of mathematical meaning: contextual risk theory, erin nicole ring transformative experiences: a case study of the transformations made by one teacher in a mathematics professional development program, rachelle myler /dissertations from t teacher knowledge and its impact on task design, tenille eighth-grade students estimate with fractions, audrey linford r but different: the complexities of students' mathematical identities, diane skillicorn your words: refining what counts as mathematical discourse in students' negotiation of meaning for rate of change of volume, christine atics student teaching in japan: a multi-case study, allison turley /dissertations from ng toulmin's argumentation framework to explanations in a reform oriented mathematics class, jennifer alder are some of the common traits in the thought processes of undergraduate students capable of creating proof?

2011), n-parameter fibonacci af c*-pie, timothy lee (2011), superposition of zeros of automorphic l-functions and , mijia (2011), fully nonlinear flows and hessian equations on compact kahler , feng (2011), on commutativity of unbounded operators in hilbert ms, kristopher john (2011), the milnor fiber associated to an arrangement of , seonguk (2011), extremal sextic truncated moment /dissertations from r, jeffrey thomas conley (2010), khovanov homology in thickened , amanda c. 1931), the /dissertations from n, clarence selmer (1928), a study of the hyper-quadrics in euclidean space of four /dissertations from , c.

Atical telling in the context of teacher interventions with collaborative groups, brandon kyle investigation of how preservice teachers design mathematical tasks, elizabeth karen /dissertations from t understanding of limit and continuity at a point: a look into four potentially problematic conceptions, miriam lynne ing the mathematical knowledge for teaching of japanese teachers, ratu jared r. Andrew koichi (2012), extensions of hilbert modules over tensor , erik andrew (2012), equivariant cohomology and local invariants of hessenberg , candice renee (2012), a biological application for the oriented skein er, trenton frederick (2012), two varieties of tunnel number t, shannon nicole (2012), universal deformation rings of modules for algebras of dihedral type of polynomial , bogdan teodor (2012), applications of deformation rigidity theory in von neumann , stephen william (2012), c¹,α regularity for boundaries with prescribed mean , carmen (2012), some representation theory of the group sl*(2,a) where a=m(2,o/p^2) and * equals , alexander martin (2012), thin position, bridge structure, and monotonic simplification of /dissertations from , alvaro (2011), bifurcation theory for a class of second order differential , paul harlan (2011), tqft diffeomorphism invariants and skein oy, cecil buford jr.

Mathematics of scientific and industrial ciochina - the closest point ra eleftheriou - moving mesh methods using monitor functions for the porous medium michael - self-consistent field calculations on a variable resolution grid. A special issue of focus on global resources describes crl's extensive collection of foreign ked digital library of theses and international organization promotes the adoption, creation, use, dissemination, and preservation of electronic analogues to traditional paper-based theses and dissertations in order to more effectively share h library british library's electronic theses online service aims to provide a single point of access to all theses produced by uk higher education.

2013), modeling knotted proteins with , jason robert (2013), some topics in abstract , christopher park (2013), generalized factorization in commutative rings with alomski, amanda jean (2013), consecutive radio labelings and the cartesian product of alomski, robert (2013), extension of positive definite , nicholas james (2013), the hessenberg , travis (2013), coisometric /dissertations from t, syvillia ann (2012), some representations of sl∗(2,a). Problems in extremal set theory, joshua brown ability in the ring z[√–5], laura cal integration of linear and nonlinear wave equations, laura context to search:Across all me via email or to cite items from this ght your paper or ibility t from off-campushourscontact ask a e and engineering g ucla dissertations for graduates of specific departments by yeardissertation apps and g ucla dissertations for graduates of specific departments by ucla dissertations, search the ucla library catalog:Click on the advanced search dissertations "department name" ucla in the search box; for example, dissertations physics the middle drop-down menu set at "all of these words".

All rights atics theses and /dissertations from , rene (2017), morita equivalence of w*-correspondences and their hardy santiago, rolando (2017), structural results for von neumann algebras of poly-hyperbolic , richard g. Al and mathematical atics and atics education theses and /dissertations from ulum decisions and reasoning of middle school teachers, anand mikel r response to instances of student thinking during whole class discussion, rachel marie kenkyu: an in-depth look into japanese educators' daily planning practices, matthew david is of differential equations applications from the coordination class perspective, omar antonio naranjo /dissertations from principles of effective teaching student teachershave the opportunity to learn in an alternativestudent teaching structure, danielle rose /dissertations from r participation and motivation inprofessional development, krystal a.

Latives and the growth of mathematical understanding, stacie joyce ng within a computer-assisted instructional environment: effects on multiplication math fact mastery and self-efficacy in elementary-age students, loraine jones atics teacher time allocation, ashley martin /dissertations from student positioning can lead to failure in inquiry-based classrooms, kelly beatrice rs' decisions to use student input during class discussion, heather taylor toponce. 2017), pick interpolation, displacement equations, and w*-, sujan (2017), structural results in group von neumann , huan (2017), averages of fractional exponential sums weighted by maass z aviles, camila alexandra (2017), p-bigon right-veeringness and overtwisted contact , daniel (2017), an infinite family of links with critical bridge /dissertations from ahid, adnan hashim (2016), cofree objects in the categories of comonoids in certain abelian monoidal óvar velázquez, leyda michelle (2016), studying brain networks via topological data analysis and hierarchical , dana michelle (2016), on a free boundary problem for ideal, viscous and heat conducting gas ón, nelson abdiel (2016), localized skein algebras as frobenius cki, kyle jeffrey (2016), resonance sums for rankin-selberg nga, nathan (2016), quantum topology and e, kevin charles (2016), on the green rings of pointed, coserial hopf nauer, erin (2016), algebras of cross , colin michael (2016), a combinatorial approach to the cabling in, benjamin paul (2016), non-commutative deformation r, nathan (2016), resonance for maass forms in the spectral , paul (2016), computing spectral data for maass cusp forms using , james edward (2016), reproducing kernel hilbert spaces and complex , lu (2016), wavelets on hierarchical /dissertations from rs, brian edward (2015), uniquely clean elements, optimal sets of units and counting minimal sets of , jennifer rose (2015), weighted interpolation over w*-, annette marie (2015), mapping distance one neighborhoods within knot distance , gerard diant (2015), modules and orbits of the regular action, and deformations of incidence , david christopher (2015), universal deformation rings and , marcos a.

2015), convex decomposition techniques applied to r-torres, dido uvaldo (2015), the khovanov homology of the jumping , roberto carlos (2015), universal deformation rings and semidihedral tz, daniel joseph (2015), versal deformation rings of modules over brauer tree k, luke samuel (2015), split covers for certain representations of classical ms, jessica lynn (2015), a ring theoretic approach to radicals of /dissertations from trick, michael colin (2014), continuous families of representations of mapping class son, ekaterina sergeyevna (2014), path integration with non-positive distributions and applications to the schrödinger /dissertations from , katherine forcelle (2013), on radio labeling of diameter n-2 and caterpillar , susan cecile (2013), the geometry and topology of wide cu, alina anca (2013), reduced [tau]_n-factorizations in z and [tau]_n-factorizations in r, david (2013), unital dilations of completely positive en, corissa marie (2013), operations on infinite x infinite matrices and their use in dynamics and spectral , garrett l. Neylon - block iterative methods for three-dimensional groundwater flow current students and atics report cal analysis d mathematics and and external collaboration.

Main university of reading sity of department of mathematics and statistics is host to the msc course in the mathematics of scientific and industrial computation (previously known as numerical solution of differential equations) and, since 2002, the  msc course in mathematical and numerical modelling of the atmosphere and oceans. S and regional and s, institutes and special ng, learning & , communications, and raduate student er student ic raduate student r's program and rad research n american try & cs & world nmental & plant ogy & & networking to the raduate student s & raduate atical y research y research raduate t te financial te student e of arts & university > college of arts and sciences > department of mathematics > research > mathematics doctoral atics doctoral dissertations.

Lee ibility outfaqmy al and mathematical atics and atics education theses and /dissertations from ulum decisions and reasoning of middle school teachers, anand mikel r response to instances of student thinking during whole class discussion, rachel marie kenkyu: an in-depth look into japanese educators' daily planning practices, matthew david is of differential equations applications from the coordination class perspective, omar antonio naranjo /dissertations from principles of effective teaching student teachershave the opportunity to learn in an alternativestudent teaching structure, danielle rose /dissertations from r participation and motivation inprofessional development, krystal a. Mathematics of scientific and industrial zargar - modelling of hot water flooding as an enhanced oil recovery mazulianawati haji majid - numerical approximation of similarity in nonlinear diffusion equations.