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Rhetorical studies have firm departmental homes in both communication and english departments nationwide, and the course features work being done in both locations on the import and impact, as well as the material consequences of digital technologies. This migration should as much as possible include both data and interface addition to these foundational considerations, doctoral candidates producing digital dissertations should be sure that their final products include the following elements:This long form piece offers key framing for the larger digital work.

Dissertations on digital media

In a group of lifestreamers, the digital instantiation of personal information through social media creates a rich backdrop of social information to be scrutinized. Similarly, although us reform initiatives frequently enter school cultures through formal teacher education, media education has not become a significant dimension of us teacher education curricula either.

The work concludes with a critical, scalar framework for accounting for complex socio-environmental problems and how to best align these problems with criticism and intellectual history at the "village voice", dissertation examines the history of music criticism, specifically the growth of rock criticism, at the village voice between 1955, the paper's first year, and 1972. As such it highlights the historical contingency of the practice of journalistic objectivity - how it is indelibly marked by its formation in the crucible of the liberal-centrist twentieth century - and shows how "objective" news has adapted to the epistemological challenges posed by a pluralist and partisan political y to citizenship: mediations of naturalization and brazilian migrants in the united media scholars study micro-processes of globalization, they usually have in mind pictures of satellite dishes atop buildings of immigrant neighborhoods.

Drawing from discourses of celebrity, branding, and public relations, i describe three self-presentation strategies people adopt within social media applications to gain status, attention and visibility. I show that the discourse around wikipedia reveals concerns about how new forms of technologically mediated content production are changing the role and autonomy of the individual, the authority of existing institutions, and the character (and quality) of cultural ing warriors: us philanthropies and the post-war reorientation of foreign dissertation examines the history of the american initiative to reorient international journalists in the aftermath of world war ii.

This dissertation argues that such protests were aimed at the institutionalization of culture, but also at the very logic of representation. What is at stake here, in each case, is the question of urban tracks: digital recording technology and the democratization of cultural dissertation examines the impact of digital recording technology on the field of music production.

By framing reconciliation as a way of seeing, i focus on the ways in which reconciliation is mediated through visual and visual culture: topologies of control and contestation, from mapping to satellite broadcasting, visualization of space has been central to the history of beirut, which is also a vitally important node in the landscape of arab media. Although often regarded as amnesty to illegal immigrants, the path to citizenship is recast here as an ensemble of procedures that consist of visas, interviews, fingerprints, social security numbers, driver's licenses, bank accounts, credit cards, medical examinations, history tests, and oaths of allegiance that mediate the state-regulated project of naturalization to the immigrant.

Program in communication, rhetoric, and digital media, this course is designed to help students both synthesize the work they have done in required courses and electives taken during the previous semesters, and deepen their pursuit of independent areas of inquiry relating to their interests and specializations. By looking to the first moments in which visual computing is made possible this project critiques popular narratives that view the digital image as an extension of earlier visual forms, arguing instead that the development of 3d interactive graphics marks the moment at which computer science develops a concern for ontology and the simulation of objects in the world.

This work, then, contributes to account of american theater history attuned less to movements, canons, stars and spectacles than to the challenges of participatory action and the necessity of historical memory within the extended moment of american to find a specific media resultsa massive spacecrafta massive spacecraft hovers over new york, throwing the entire city into shadow.... The interdisciplinary nature of the program, which brings together scholarship in rhetorical and communication theory, visual, oral, written, and other aspects of digital media, and critical analysis of networked societies, encourages explorations across and within domains of research, making such a course important to the formulation of original thought, to the development of interdisciplinary collaboration, and to the generation of ideas for dissertation research.

In part 2, i conceptualize wikipedia as a technologically mediated "open" community; through ethnography i identify the norms, practices and meanings of wikipedia culture including "neutral point of view," good faith, and authorial leadership. In addition, the dissertation traces the connections between these collectives and a broad range of art practices in which they were engaged, including televisual art, a nascent "expanded cinema" scene, intermedia, art practices surrounding judson memorial church, a radical theater scene surrounding the anarchist living theatre, early minimalism and the black arts movement.

This dissertation investigates the visually inscribed ethics that enforce this developing subject of alzheimer's, a subjectivity not just organized through diagnosis and symptom, but also through collective approaches to cognitive personhood, care, and aging. The university of utah is one of the most significant sites in the history of computing, but has been largely neglected by historians and digital media scholars alike.

In which the candidate is expected to produce a smaller written dissertation along with a body of practical work. Focusing primarily on the shift from analog tape-based systems to software-based hard drive recording systems (also known as digital audio workstations or daws), this dissertation investigates the degree to which this shift in technology has impacted the field in the realms of both professional and hobbyist practitioners.

The master’s program does not include appropriate courses, these must be made up after admission from master’s level courses at nc steinhardt school of culture, education, and human ment of media, culture, and tation click on a dissertation title to view the art of ambivalence: on jean rouch, african cinema, and the complexities of the (post)colonial anthropologist and filmmaker jean rouch made over 100 films throughout his long career, the bulk of which were recorded in west africa. Applying the method developed in the previous chapter to the famous real-time strategy videogame entitled starcraft, this chapter analyzes the manner in which the game mediates specific elements of cold war-era defense ideation and military-industrial economics.

To discuss these three themes, i focus on the cultural dynamics and various mediated forms (performance, photography, artwork) involved in the representation of the indian residential school legacy. The conclusion then summarizes the arguments and findings, and proposes further tic color: new media aesthetics in the digital dissertation argues that bright and vibrant hues have been dominant in the american landscape throughout the twentieth century.

As both media and technology, however, video games are imbued with ethical, political, and social values expressed through the various components of the games this dissertation, i seek to examine how these human values are expressed in video games by focusing on four layers of the video game: rules, fiction, platform, and kinesthetic. This history is examined through the intersection of the social life of maps and mapping with the economic priorities and urban planning regimes in the period from the french mandate through the end of the lebanese civil war, and the crucial role of technical imaging (especially digital technology such as gis) and popular texts in the cultural economy of postwar construction.

This dissertation tests these competing claims by asking what the information work of ngos is, what types of news coverage they support and whether ngos expand or reinforce established patterns of international news attention. This dissertation explores pre-branded forms of localism in brooklyn: the rise and decline of industry and shipping in brooklyn and the history of its neighborhoods and ethnic groups.