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Program evaluation: implementing technology in north carolina public schools zational and instructional factors contributing to alternative schools' retention of at-risk students: perceptions of students, faculty, and parents involved in alternative schools rs' beliefs about the inclusion of students with special needs in general education classes en's conversations: a discoursal analysis of patterns that develop as dyads co-construct meaning in a task-centered activity r work activity: a descriptive study of work in teacher assistance teams (tats) role of leadership style in the perception of stress among high school principals . A study of inter-and-intra-district school finance tating engineering baccalaureate completion among wisconsin technical college system transfer students: factors that cultivate resilience in non-traditional search, selection and implementation of ideas: how principals search for, select, and begin to implement educational ie anne elizabeth effects of students' perceptions of self, others, and institutions on community college transfer to a selective four-year role of peer advising in the first-year e.

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Igating the impact of student opt out on value-added measures of teacher quality, joshua ing the capacity of instructional support networks for the diffusion of computer science for all (csforall) in an urban district, rebecca heritage speakers as multilingual language learners: contexts in the 21st century, bridgette ing self-determination skills of individuals with intellectual disabilities participating in the inclusive concurrent enrollment initiative programs throughout massachusetts, lyndsey os luchando: women educators’ trajectories in social movement based popular education projects in buenos aires, argentina, jennifer lee o'it bias in pre-service teachers: a mixed methods approach, tara g it right: african american male college/university presidents and their early cultivation of self-efficacy, james 's tools and the master's house: a historical analysis exploring the myth of educating for democracy in the united states, timothy ion of students with learning and behavior problems: knowledge, attitudes, and inclusive practices in turkey, hanife ece social network analysis to investigate the diffusion of special education knowledge within a school district, martha h. To locate and request these dissertations, use the online catalog, masters' theses are shelved in the main reading room at cubberley library.

In particular, each state is developing its own high-stakes test, and the results cannot easily be compared; moreover, state tests seem to indicate different trends than those evident in the national assessment of educational progress (naep). Replaces proquest dissertations & theses full text by including everything in that database plus a growing collection of dissertations and masters theses from international universities and national associations.

Leaders building social capital in seconary departments: three case ng a degree completion program in nursing: a grounded theory influence of pre-college interventions on underrepresented minority student persistence and graduation: evidence from a midwest comprehensive tion, leadership, and resource utilization practices in three high schools with significant learning gains: a multi-site case american high school: the role of small and professional learning communities in addressing inequities in student principal's paradox: examining the balance of personal and professional what ways does participation in a dual enrollment vocational program enhance the educational engagement of participating high school students? Spelling-based phonics approach to word instruction for children with down syndrome effects of dual enrollment credit and huskins program credit on college readiness principal's role in defining a student success-based school culture: the impact of specific behaviors on school-level teacher working conditions al perspectives and decision-making processes about school choice and supplemental educational services under no child left behind in a large urban elementary school ing common characteristics among community college students: comparing online and traditional student success .

Gaps between values and practices of global citizenship education: a critical analysis of global citizenship education in south korea, hye seung igating the relationship between implicit theories about intelligence and teacher-student relationship quality, woodbury b. Student ntly asked us on the uw campus m information , postsecondary and continuing education sin idea executive ph.

Into student spaces: impact of location of academic advising on student engagement among undecided ing professional learning community aspects as they relate to teachers' receptivity to professional factors that contribute to student disengagement: perspective of alternative school potism in large american school tence decisions of doctoral students affiliated with interdisciplinary programs: a case impact of struggle on spiritually-centered educational leaders and their relationship between the personal and professional lives of wisconsin female principals and how they and their school districts respond to any subsequent effects of remedial coursework and reduced credit load on persistence for college students with learning with physical disabilities: experiences at "becoming an outdoors-woman" workshops. Comparison of the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors about nutrition of a university freshman class between the beginning and the end of the academic year wise village music program in stanton, kentucky: a case study of the village that sustained it shifting of reading teachers' definitions of literacy through their involvement on an intercollegiate web board ational women teachers view their careers in american schools abroad: a qualitative study of overseas hired teachers in three american international schools in china ition of english orthography by esl students and its relationship to their reading performance mountain pathways school a history of the first years: founding an educational alternative in the north carolina mountains .

Institutions of higher leaders: an examination of effective department tions of the impact of a standards-based teacher evaluation system, based on the danielson framework for teaching model, on teaching and student exploratory analysis of the relationship between higher education and television: a focus on big-time college ing training function deployment (tfd): a new approach to professional development in ment of the motivational effects of teachers to a performance-based bonus pay program in resources and student achievement: the effect of school-level resources on instructional practices and student outcomes in minneapolis public schools. These are free to stanford faculty, students, and staff and can be purchased by ating copies of graduate school of education (gse) dissertations through 2009 are available by request from sal3.

Keenan ions supporting the development of scientific argumentation in high school chemistry classrooms: the role of question prompts and an interactive simulation, tugba eaching in pakistan: perspectives of novice higher education faculty about the contribution of microteaching to their learning and practice, salma n. Our reading of the nominations provoked vigorous debate and deliberation, and resulted in the selection of five exemplary dissertations.

By "relevance," i intend to signify a problem or question that is important, whose answer matters to those who care about education. To locate dissertations from saint louis university, please limit your search by institution to saint louis university or use the link below, dissertations @ saint louis university where this limit is automatically tations @ saint louis only dissertations and some theses completed at saint louis university that are indexed in proquest's dissertations & theses database (formerly dissertation abstracts).

Electronic theses and dissertations from universities world-wide that provide open digital repositories for their theses and access dissertations & 1960s-present. Initiatedlyle spencer research research gic initiativesthe new use and educational ophy in educational policy and practice (ipepp).

To locate example projects/dissertations, enter "everson or wood or rush or rebore" (without quotes) in advisors: field and press search. What made this service more enjoyable than most was a combination of two factors: an outstanding, thoughtful, and diverse group of fellow committee members; and a set of nominated dissertations that shared these qualities.

Each dissertation is available for check out at the asu on the links to view the title page and abstract for each dissertations can be viewed at nc docks for dissertations published 2010 and after. A single paper copy is kept in the stanford university archives and may be paged for use in special stanford dissertations from 1989 to 2009 are available online in full text from dissertations & theses at stanford university.

Role of foster parents in improving educational outcomes for youth in foster care, gwen ifying distributed leadership: how understanding principles of practice and perceptions regarding ambiguity can enhance the leadership capacity of department chairs, diana from trauma to healing: black queer cultural workers’ experiences and discourses of love, durryle n. Board of education, leta hip in the development discourse: a case study in education in tanzania, satomi kamei.

However, some sites may charge for the full text for some of the theses or an doctoral s dissertations accepted by american universities from 1933-1955, searchable by author, title, and school...... Ate degree nursing students: a study of retention in nursing education programs ess to lead: perspectives of graduates and advanced doctoral students answering the call to lead in community colleges creation, communication and implementation of an organizational vision: principals' perspective in a rural education setting n, gay, bisexual, and transgender life at appalachian state investigation of issues associated with the transition from eighth to ninth grade in a rural school district perceived role of the media coordinator as school leader in the sustainability of a major technology initiative impact of academic self-efficacy and socio-demographic factors on academic achievement of first-generation community college students ing leadership qualities among k-12 public school principals in north carolina successfully implementing state-mandated technology initiatives ming personal and pedagogic identity through social constructivism: an educator's journey and collaboration in family literacy practices d chaos: the implications of childrearing in the underrepresentation of women in educational leadership positions carolina community college system virtual learning community evaluation effects of classroom interior design elements of eighth grade language arts students' psychological well-being transition from high school to college: an ethnographic case study of the obstacles and strategies that emerged in a rural north carolina community college ion of teacher mental models regarding technology configurations, the factors influencing their formation, and teacher receptivity to adopting alternative configurations r recruitment, rural schools and student teachers' perceptions of effective teacher recruitment strategies in north carolina examination of the impact of relative age at school entry on north carolina students - a predictor of future outcomes implementation of a response to intervention problem-solving model in a rural elementary school: a qualitative case study is of north carolina economic factors that accurately explain student performance in north carolina public schools .

Context to search:Across all me via email or for faculty y author e of education page is sponsored by the university libraries. High school principal's challenge: toward work environments that enhance new teacher satisfaction and ng persistence among rural adults: a study of academic persistence among adults from rural communities enrolled in online degree utional leadership in high performing colleges and universities based on baldrige awards: a case study of eight north central regional c.