Doctoral dissertation award winners

Nomination materials must be submitted electronically to the current chair of the sigmobile doctoral dissertation award committee by the submission deadline, and must be submitted in english. Athletic training student challenge ght © 2017 nata research & education recognizes t doctoral dissertation or research and writing by doctoral candidates in computer science and engineeringaward doctoral dissertation acm doctoral dissertation ted annually to the author(s) of the best doctoral dissertation(s) in computer science and engineering.

Acm doctoral dissertation award winners

From the award committee: “this dissertation develops emotional categories inductively from twitter data, and creates a taxonomy of 28 emotion categories for the range of emotions expressed in tweets. In his dissertation, the sparse fourier transform: theory and practice, he presented a new way to decrease the amount of computation needed to process data, thus increasing the efficiency of programs in several areas of computer science, the fourier transform is a fundamental tool for processing streams of data.

He has also been recognized with the sprowls award for best dissertation in computer science, and the sigcomm best paper ble mention for the 2016 acm doctoral dissertation award went to peter bailis of stanford university and veselin raychev of eth bailis’s dissertation, coordination avoidance in distributed databases, he addresses a perennial problem in a network of multiple computers working together to achieve a common goal: is it possible to build systems that scale efficiently (process ever-increasing amounts of data) while ensuring that application data remains provably correct and consistent? Snyder earned her phd in information science and technology from syracuse university in ter: steve sawyer, r: elizabeth liddy, dean, trustee a university school of informatics and l vigilance: pervasive technology for children with type 1 phy: tammy toscos is an assistant professor of health informatics at indiana university purdue university, fort wayne and a postdoctoral health services research fellow at regenstrief institute and the indiana university school of medicine, indianapolis.

A concise statement (one sentence) of the phd thesis contribution for which the award is being given. Potential conflict of interest occurs when a person is involved in making a decision that: could result in that person, a close associate of that person, or that person's company or institution receiving significant financial gain, such as a contract or grant, or could result in that person, or a close associate of that person, receiving significant professional recognition, such as an award or the selection of a paper, work, exhibit, or other type of submitted presentation.

The reviewers agreed that the topic of this dissertation is novel and original and the findings provide significant implications for future library and information science education and library practice. In 2012, the president’s award was created to provide another avenue for honoring service to the nata me contribution in recognition of exemplary contribution by an individual or a group who has provided significant advancement or financial growth to the nata foundation over a sustained, extended period of time.

Must be received by the current sigcomm awards chair (konstantina (dina) papagiannaki) by november 30 of each year. Shun’s three-pronged approach to writing parallel programs that he outlines in his thesis includes: 1) proposing tools and techniques for deterministic parallel programming; 2) the introduction of ligra, the first high-level shared-memory framework for parallel graph traversal algorithms; and 3) presenting new algorithms for a variety of important problems on graphs and strings that are both efficient in theory and is a post-doctoral researcher at the university of california, berkeley, where he was awarded a miller research fellowship.

A native of bulgaria, he received ms and bs degrees from sofia the full list of acm awards by -long a. For the 2018 research awards are open on september 15th and close on september and nomination medal for distinguished athletic training research, the new investigator award and the the david h.

For her dissertation, parmit invented lemonaid, a new selection-based crowdsourced software help retrieval approach for web applications and carried out a multi-site deployment study to evaluate lemonaid in the field. In 2016 jamia published some suggested guidelines for the preparation of high-quality dissertations in biomedical informatics:the organization and content of informatics doctoral al dissertation award prize.

Before rejoining academia, xinru led interaction design and product management in industry, and was chosen as a women tech council award finalist. Acm dissertation award julian shun of university of california, berkeley, the 2015 acm doctoral dissertation award for shared-memory parallelism can be simple, fast, and aaron sidford of massachusetts institute of technology, honorable mention for iterative methods, combinatorial optimization, and linear programming beyond the universal siavash mirarab of university of texas at austin, honorable mention for novel scalable approaches for multiple sequence alignment and phylogenomic tions are limited to one doctoral dissertation per final dissertation defense should take place at the nominee’s host institution during the 12 months before the submission deadline.

This dissertation research has the potential to have a profound impact in the ischools community. In computer science from the massachusetts institute of technology, which nominated him for this b’s dissertation, novel scalable approaches for multiple sequence alignment and phylogenomic reconstruction, addresses the growing need to analyze large-scale biological sequence data efficiently and accurately.

Raychev’s dissertation takes a novel approach to addressing this challenge that combines advanced techniques in programming languages with machine learning practices. It presents a validated model of location-sharing adoption, derived from grounded theory as well as structural equation modeling of nationwide survey data, and explores how to incorporate these theories into the design of location-sharing social reviewers noted that the dissertation was timely and important, both addressing the gaps in research and practice while making a tangible contributions to both.

2,500 cash award to the -plenary presentation on his/her award winning award presentation at the amia annual annual symposium registration and accommodation tulations to the inaugural winners of the award (june 2017):Rimma perotte (pivovarov), columbia university [first prize]dissertation: “electronic health record summarization over heterogeneous and irregularly sampled clinical data”. In his doctoral dissertation hassanieh presents the theoretical foundation of the sparse fourier transform (sft), an algorithm that is more efficient than fft for data with a limited number of frequencies.

Holmes, phd, facmi, university of a ogunyemi, phd, charles drew university of medicine and a tenenbaum, phd, facmi, duke sarkar, phd, mlis, facmi (amia board liaison), brown s fridsma, md, phd, facmi (ex officio), amia williamson (ex officio), amia vice president, academic affairs and tions for 2018 will be due next january. Financial sponsorship of the award is provided by google ble mention for the 2015 acm doctoral dissertation award went to aaron sidford of the massachusetts institute of technology, and siavash mirarab of the university of texas at austin.

Dave carrier, ms, communications program and purpose of the student free communications awards program is to recognize and encourage the research efforts of athletic training students by awarding outstanding research awards based on nata foundation free communications program abstracts and presentations. She received her masters degree from the ischool at the university of illinois at urbana-champaign and bsc in computing science from simon fraser -enabled discourse: investigating the creation of visual information as communicative phy: jaime snyder is a post doctoral research fellow at syracuse university’s ischool and a research consultant at cornell university’s interaction design lab.

They will share a $10,000 prize, with financial sponsorship provided by google sidford’s dissertation, iterative methods, combinatorial optimization, and linear programming beyond the universal barrier, he considers the fundamental problems in continuous and combinatorial optimization that occur pervasively in practice, and shows how to improve upon the best-known theoretical running times for solving these problems across a broad range of parameters. Here is some additional information on the research award for distinguished athletic training nata foundation’s medal for distinguished athletic training research recognizes an established researcher who has sustained a prolific body of work that has contributed to research in the field of athletic training and health care.