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Leadership, and sive sexual behavior, substance abuse, and sexual risk taking among emerging adult gay and bisexual men in new york al barriers and help-seeking practices and beliefs among immigrant-origin emerging adult community college ic engagement of immigrant origin children in linguistically diverse urban table dilemmas: sesame square and the quest for multiculturalism in d statistics, social science, and dekassegui movement: identity transformation of japanese brazilian dekassegui and arubaito young adults to japan and upon return to d statistics, social science, and among the chosen: the history of jews and the battle for parochaid: d statistics, social science, and ane katrina: visuality, photography, and representing a , culture, and objects: an archaeology of computer graphics, , culture, and art of ambivalence: on jean rouch, african cinema, and the complexities of the (post)colonial , culture, and maximum intelligible range of the human and performing arts l from licht: a character study of karlheinz stockhausen's and performing arts ng synthesis algorithms using a measure of timbral sequence and performing arts : a software framework for the quantitative study of compositional and performing arts examination of the relationships between social support, sexual risk behaviors, and hiv infection among female, foreign migrants in cape town, south ion and food ation between drowning and urbanization in taiwan 1980 ion and food studies. Gov'treviewmesh termsdissertations, academic as topic*education, nursing, graduate*faculty, nursing/educationfinlandhumansmentorsnursing education research*nursing staffstudents, nursinglinkout - more resourcesfull text sourceselsevier scienceclinicalkey nursingpubmed commons home.

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Guide was created to teach doctoral students to select, search, evaluate and organize their dissertation research & reference library ing known tations (examples). Dissertations from of hope: experiences of ebd teachers and factors contributing to career longevity, val rae boe.

Doctoral dissertation in educational leadership

Fellowships are awarded for doctoral dissertation research conducted under faculty sponsorship in any accredited university in the united le graduate students for the aera minority dissertation fellowship in education research will be at the writing stage of their dissertation by the beginning of the fellowship. Hard to place": multilingual immigrant-origin students in community ng and ing the construct of oral social language in the english language proficiency assessment of young ng and teachers know and do: the relationship between teachers' perceived needs of students and their practice in urban, all-male ng and tanding gender, context and game culture for the development of equitable digital games as learning stration, leadership, and ational graduate students: socialization within american colleges and stration, leadership, and are the women?

Case study: communication of a child with a cochlear implant in the context of conversation with adult caregivers ing the effects of individual school report card data on the shared decision making processes in three high schools s contributing to school dropout: a comparison of how teachers and students perceive the reasons for dropping out of school effect of mediating artifacts designed to promote metacognitive reflection on transfer in the mathematical domain effect of instructional leadership on teacher efficacy and school climate: a structural equation modeling approach r classroom inquiry: activities, thinking, reflective stances and collaboration embedded in the assessment of accomplished teaching by the national board for professional teaching standards . Dream deferred: a study of the detrimental effects associated with a lack of legal status and denial of post-secondary education to undocumented high school graduates, gayle marie politicized indian woman: india’s agendas on women’s education, sabeena rs’ perceptions of their own classroom management:, lindsey tories, transformations, and transitions: a phenomenological study of college students in recovery finding success, scott c.

The aera minority dissertation fellowship in education american educational research association (aera) is pleased to announce the aera minority dissertation fellowship in education research. The dissertation study should focus on an education research topic such as high stakes testing; ethnic studies/curriculum; tracking; stem development; measurement of achievement and opportunity gaps; english language learners; or bullying and restorative justice.

Dreamkeepers”: school experiences from the voices of successful adult african american males cole_c_2014_diss_title_page_and_ts who return for their ged: personal reflections on the socio-cultural issues related to leaving school burleson_d_2014_diss_title_page_and_ o’neill ved factors of a quality student teaching experience mitchell_j_2014_diss_title_page_and_ allison y to the presidency: stories from women community college presidents carr-holmes_a_2014_diss_title_page_and_ start point: a grounded theory study of aspirations and needs of trio students at the point of entry into a postsecondary enrollment or postsecondary attainment program lentz_a_b_2013_diss_title_page_and_ation of 21st century skills development among educators and students engaged in online collaborative educational and cultural exchange program: a case study of us-pakistan online international exchange program bashir_arshad_dissertation_may_ summative impact of college access interventions: a program evaluation of gear up north carolina tillery_c_y_2013_diss_title_page_and_ative learning within tutoring in higher education: contexts for connections duke_c_j_diss_title_page_and_ investigation of the experiences of minority males participating in the north carolina community college system minority male mentoring programs jsmith_dissertation_may_7_graduate_school_revised_2ed_revision_real_ in the integrated circuit: a study examining the intersection between technology, subjectivity, and the academy mcneal_l_a_diss_title_page_and_ gwaltney g the circle: an arts-based inquiry into creating spaces for emergent, interdisciplinary collaboration in higher education cornell_marisa_e duckworth ing the effect of leadership practices on sustaining a technology innovation honeycutt_melanie_8_7_-generation college students and academic advising: words of wisdom from academic advisors mead_a_d_2012_diss_title_page_and_ationalization in community colleges: perceptions regarding the role of a state consortium forrest_c_l_2012_diss_title_page_and_opher lee freshman academy impact: a comparison of ninth grade structures through analyses of student perceptions and performance data bennett_c_l_diss_title_page_and_tanding the educational experiences of graduate counseling students engaged in therapeutic expressive arts-based activities guelzow_d_j_2012_diss_title_page_and_. Case study of a professional learning community: an investigation of sustainability with a rural elementary school hefner_j_f_2011_diss_title_page_and_ stephen martin, impact of a middle school tiered mathematics program on academically or intellectually gifted students: one school district's response to high stakes accountability martin_js_2011diss_title_page_and_tions of displaced manufacturing workers about their transition to successful re-employment through a community college education experience: six stories of success .

Dissertations from -hiking the appalachian trail: examining opportunities for learning on a continuous 2,185-mile self-supported hike, bahne eptualizing leadership through the prism of the modern civil rights movement: a grounded theory case study on ella baker, edna r. Liquid spirit: materiality and meaning in the making of quality american ion and food holistic development of teachers: towards a conceptual model of integrative education, mindfulness and social emotional learning for pre-service ng and lenses on composing: english teacher educators' views of school writing, writing instruction, and the preparation of english ng and ontextual writing development among young ng and learning.

State aculty and staff ure and aculty and staff ure and al tation tations can be found at scholarsarchive@e of education e and mathematics education for research in lifelong stem al collin furman d@. Africa foreign engagements, d statistics, social science, and education, equity, and private educational spending in sri d statistics, social science, and documentary debates: censorship, protest, and film festival publics in contemporary , culture, and ivity in an age of dissensus: mainstream u.

State actors, state violence, and human rights education in d statistics, social science, and gic philanthropy, organizational legitimacy, and the development of higher education in africa: the partnership for higher education in africa (2000-2010). Case study of parental experiences and engagement in the individual educational plan (iep) conference, kevin /dissertations from t to the heart – the life of emerson hynes: a biographical study of human goodness with a focus on the college years, jeanne l.

Special education law and racial d statistics, social science, and tanding school district consolidation decisions: three cases of attempted d statistics, social science, and humanities. The council of the aera established the fellowship program to provide support for doctoral dissertation research, to advance education research by outstanding minority graduate students, and to improve the quality and diversity of university faculties.

Altogether 51 finnish doctoral dissertations of nursing and caring sciences focusing on nursing education research were included in the final analysis. Latino fifth ng and the grade: exploring the variability of grades and teacher beliefs about grading in new york city public middle ng and h language learning in italy: a study of l2 attitudes, l2 motivation and self-perceived proficiency among italian ng and from the community: linguistic and educational adaptations of adolescent and adult haitian ng and eisenstein intercultural study of korean high school students' korean and english argumentative ng and ing speakers of world englishes: the roles of rater language background, language attitude, and ng and tanding mba students' intention to transfer teamwork skills: the impact of attitudinal, normative, and efficacy belief stration, leadership, and ing the weight of cultural binaries: multiethnic women and identity during and post tanding the associations between stereotype vulnerability and student engagement and academic achievement for immigrant-origin students in community compliance matter?

Study of transition programs back to school and community for incarcerated stration, leadership, and impact of college residence halls on the student learning experiences of international, undergraduate students from india, during their first stration, leadership, and ational academic partnerships in south african universities: a multi-case stration, leadership, and patterns of governance in higher education and their impact on university stration, leadership, and education for undergraduate stration, leadership, and ional design for sustainable resilience: a quisitive inquiry of everyday stration, leadership, and ic twitter: pushing the boundaries of traditional stration, leadership, and ative learning in award-winning student writing: a grounded theory stration, leadership, and interpretive case study of teachers' instructional decision making stration, leadership, and , mental health burden, and sexual risk taking among hiv-positive men who have sex with men aged 50 and non-conforming expression, victimization, and parental abuse related to suicidal ideation among lesbian, gay, and bisexual ing the development of executive function, teacher-child relationships, and academic achievement among children in the early elementary ine tanding adaptation to an hiv diagnosis in the context of urban poverty: a qualitative lishmah: the art of study for its own d statistics, social science, and within the jew within: rooted cosmopolitanism as an educational approach for jewish d statistics, social science, and homeschool, why us, why now? Campus climate and the degree aspirations of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics stration, leadership, and ing dental student perceptions of their racial/ethnic campus stration, leadership, and experiences of haitian creole students in american public schools: a case stration, leadership, and theory to application: a study of knowledge transfer in dental stration, leadership, and a privileged perspective: how white undergraduate students make meaning of cross-racial stration, leadership, and the next step: college choice experiences of haitian community college stration, leadership, and ng norms or changing them?

New game: shifting the leadership culture to close the gender gap in corporate america, deborah f. Electronic address: @ctobjectives: the aim of this literature review was to describe the focus of nursing education research in finnish doctoral dissertations in the field of nursing and caring sciences between the years 1979-2014.

Very excellent': an historical approach to problems of state sponsored english education in d statistics, social science, and apology: public education as redress for japanese american and japanese canadian d statistics, social science, and and different: parenting a child with special needs in the jewish d statistics, social science, and humanities. Applicant's curriculum vitae, no longer than two (2) pages, to include the following:Research and academic employment nt graduate courses in statistics and nt publications and nt professional affiliations and/or tation research prospectus: provide a general overview of your dissertation research with the following information:Dissertation ent of the problem and how this research advances the current state of knowledge in the tical and/or conceptual review of relevant research questions or hypotheses to be ew of research design and description of methodology including any instrument(s); list of variables and rationale for using them; any video segments integral to the study; and specification and clarification of variables and analytic pated or preliminary dissemination plan for this research including proposed conferences to present the findings and potential scholarly journals to publish the dissertation research prospectus text is limited to eight (8) single spaced pages.

In addition, the characteristics (methods, study informants and reporting of validity, reliability, and research ethics) of the dissertations were s and data: a literature review was carried out. Future research about nurse teacherhood, curricula and structural factors in nursing education is recommended also.