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I never thought i had an accent until the hurricane": sociolinguistic variation in post‐katrina greater new dehdari. Linguistic analysis of poetic astern pomo ge structure, processes and hun, a grammar of the hungarian r of the siona language, colombia, south rese grammar (car dialect). Influence on l2 intonation in russian speakers of english, christiane fleur h loan words in japanese: exploring comprehension and register, naoko role of expectations on nonnative english speaking students' wrtiting, sara marie van dan etical would-clauses in korean efl textbooks: an analysis based on a corpus study and focus on form approach, soyung /dissertations from ve transfer in the writing of proficient students of russian: a comparison of heritage language learners and second language learners, daria al learning choices of japanese esl students in the united states, brent harrison : a character traits analysis of a dakota culture myth, marianne sue tion in the portland chinuk wawa language community, abigail elaina /dissertations from tion in late learners of japanese: self-determination theory, attitudes and pronunciation, shannon n language students' beliefs about homestays, sara racheal ng intonation patterns through reading aloud, micah william ered thought, disordered language: a corpus-based description of the speech of individuals undergoing treatment for schizophrenia, lucas carl n language and emotion narratives of turkish-english late bilinguals, melike yücel koç.

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Permeability of dialect boundaries: a case study of the region surrounding erie, pennsylvania, keelan social and linguistic predictors of the outcomes of borrowing in the speech community of montreal, michael lee ns in catalan: information, discourse and strategy, laia nature of homophony and its effects on diachrony and synchrony, jean-francois ge shift and the speech community: sociolinguistic change in a garifuna community in belize, maya mmetry and the conservation of c-command: scrambling and phrase structure in synchronic and diachronic perspective, joel c. There are five major linguistics variants called tarahumara, all spoken in chihuahua state in northern ... Grammar of the serrano syntactic topic-comment function: a performance constraint on a competence s of bambara phonology and morphology of n, mary tic structures of linguistic specification of speech (p.

Lexical analysis of verb-noun compounds in mandarin evolution of the hebrew infinitive, form and function: a diachronic study with cross-linguistic rse structure and anaphora in written and conversational aining metrical theory: a modular theory of rhythm and tic and symbolic abilities in alzheimer’s ion in tense-aspect-modality in liberian quality: the relation between universal and language specific factors (p. Of scholars' bankcommunities & collectionsby issue dateauthorstitlessubjectsthis collectionby issue usage t uspenn librariesmy accounthelpaboutscholarlycommons tions by research ment of linguistics ment of linguistics /dissertations from t boundaries and phonological change in upstate new york, aaron j. Any -syntax and semanticsphonetics, phonology, and morphologyhistorical and areal linguisticsfieldwork and language documentationlanguage and cognitionlanguage and social contextlanguage revitalizationcomputational and experimental methods.

Study of the intelligibility, comprehensibility and interpretability of standard marine communication phrases as perceived by chinese mariners, lillian christine /dissertations from ring all who teach: a portrait of two non-native english speaking teachers in a globalized 21st century, rosa dene david. Other earlier dissertations are available online as pdf files because they were scanned by the students who organized osu dissertations in linguistics (osudl) in 1994 or because they were published in the ohio state university working papers in linguistics or some other open access venue. The semantics and pragmatics of perspectival expressions in english and bulu: the case of deictic motion verbs [temporary link to final version while waiting for the ohiolink edtc publication.

The representation of language in the human brain: problems in the neurology of language and the linguistic analysis of aphasia. Semantics of form in arabic, in the mirror of european actics and morphophonology in american sign ire de la langue hayu (népal). A comparative study of romance languages, raffaella sions from isms of merger: the implementation and distribution of the low back merger in eastern pennsylvania, ruth s and configurationality in ancient greek, ann preposing and word order rigidity, asha kiran context to search:Across all me via email or y assisted sion ’s statement of principles on open law legal scholarship digital scholarship ibility are herehome » people » osu dissertations in dissertations in ohio state university is a founding member of the ohio library and information network (ohiolink) which is a statewide electronic catalog system and consortium of libraries that share subscriptions and other library resources.

Grammar of delaware: semantics, morpho-syntax, lexicon, ic structures in english and indo-hittite -carib n and sudanese arabic in the light of comparative arabic ics and the structure of compounds in g as a part of language: a stratificational s in the phylogenesis of questions and diachronic in ka-yin t'an phonology, with an appendix on stød in danish and e of a generative semantic description of aspects of phonological description. On the pragmatics of questions and the semantics of hiro ishihara (2003) intonation and interface ng li (2003) the phonetics and phonology of tone mapping in a constraint-based elbourne (2002) situations and ina pylkkanen (2002) introducing arregi (2002) focus on basque t copley (2002) the semantics of the flagg (2002) interface issues in the english a ippolito (2002) the time of possibilities – truth and felicity of subjunctive legate (2002) warlpiri: theoretical lin (2002) coordination and sharing at the matushansky (2002) movement of degree/degree of rackowski (2002) the structure of tagalog: specificity, voice, and the distribution of a marvin (2003) topics in the stress and syntax of hackl (2001) comparative o aguero bautista (2001) cyclicity and the scope of opher bader (2001) givenness, focus, and in bruening (2001) syntax at the edge: cross-clausal phenomena and the syntax of kelepir (2001) topics in turkish syntax: clausal structure and ia krause (2001) on reduced relatives with genitive little doe baird [fermino] (2000) an introduction to wampanoag grammar (s. We aim to also provide links to the publisher's page for dissertations that were published as monographs in venues such as the garland press distinguished dissertations in linguistics.

Quantitative study of accent change and variation in tokyo japanese: focusing on adjectives and nouns, megumi phonology and phonetics of word -level prosody and its interaction with phrase -level prosody: a study of korean in comparison to english, eon-suk the centre to the edge: the social contours and linguistic outcomes of contact with english in an irish core and peripheral community, mary o'sions from racy in historical phonology, sean jacob your money where your mouth is? Linguistic experiment in delayed auditory syllable lengthening in english: a study in compensatory phonological ogical change in balto-slavic predicate instrumental: a problem in diachronic syntax. On the interaction of prosody and syntax in the history of english with a few spotlights on german, augustin stic change and stabilization in the transition from adolescence to adulthood, suzanne evans sions from verb representations, sudha choice and negative polarity: a compositional analysis of korean polarity sensitive items, jinyoung ity and change along a dialect boundary: the low vowels of southeastern new england, daniel ezra eal contrast in seoul korean, jonathan d sions from ogical variation and change in the dialect of charleston, south carolina, maciej andrzej banarasi bhojpuri verb system, susan blair -based effects in latin american spanish syllable -final /s/ lenition, michelle annette minnick zero pronouns: analysis and resolution, na-rae ics and pragmatics of arbitrariness, sophia alexandra inguistic variation and linguistic history in mayan: the case of k'ichee', sergio francisco interlocutors play: new adventures in compositionality and conversational implicature, ian sions from t variation in school settings among african -american children of low -socioeconomic status, anne harper ng phonological variation in multidialectal italy, christopher "moice" and men: the evolution of a male -led sound change, jeffrey christopher patterns of kelantan hokkien and related issues in southern min tonology, alan inguistic variation and language change in el palenque de san basilio (colombia), thomas barry aints on structural borrowing in a multilingual contact situation, tara savannah the semantics of free relatives with -ever, victoria ann x causatives and verbal valence, alexander sions from position of morphological *case in the derivation: a study on the syntax -morphology interface, thomas s of measurement: formal properties of non -split /split quantifier constructions, kimiko sions from tic form and discourse function in natural language generation, cassandre yvonne rse semantics of s -modifying adverbials, katherine margaret quest for a referent: a crosslinguistic look at reference resolution, elsi miia katariina syntax -discourse interface: effects of the main -subordinate distinction on attention structure, eleni pronouns in england: charting the course of they, their, and them, elise emerson aints on the *generation of referring expressions, with special reference to hindi, rashmi selection for information retrieval applications, j.

Generative theory of ellipsis: a consideration of the linguistic use of ical linguistics and quechean linguistic grammar and its application to waray, a philippine ge and attitudes among navajo ay, ronald k. Constructional approach to japanese internally headed -based morphology and phonology with special attention to optimality tical subject and its role in the grammar of case /hijrin: language and gender -linguistic lexicographic databases for etymological research, with examples from sino-tibetan and bantu ion in grammar: the problem of verbal prefixation in miami-illinois languages. Corpus based analysis of noun modification in empirical research articles in applied linguistics, jo-anne effects: age, gender, and sound symbolism in american english, timothy allen ctives on the college readiness and outcome achievement of former intensive english language program (ielp) students, meghan cognitive development of expertise in an esl teacher: a case study, lyndsey ty and investment in the community esl classroom, jennifer marie /dissertations from switching between tamazight and arabic in the first libyan berber news broadcast: an application of myers-scotton's mlf and 4m models, ashour s.

Sociolinguistic perspective on english neological ition of conditionals in applied affix and transitivity: a historical study in butions of the right cerebral hemisphere to language and communication: issues in cerebral dominance with special emphasis on bilingualism, second language acquisition, sex differences, and certain ethnic s of hungarian syntax and theory of grammar. Since 2003, most dissertations submitted by doctoral students at the university are published online at the ohiolink electronic theses & dissertations center (etdc). Language and sociolinguistic influences on the sound patterns of indian , hema (university of oregon, 2015-01-14).

Derivation in transformational raduate prospective raduate e of past ations and linguistics re and ng scholar department tation support linguist with a donation! Sh gaelic clefts: syntax, semantics and or in the grammar of argument world mennonite low german: an investigating of changes in onship between perceptual accuracy and information measures: a cross-linguistic chabacano philippine creole spanish: description and n dialectology and diachronic development and synchronic distribution of mimimizers in mandarin s of articulatory and perceptual learning in novel phoneme verb constructions revisited: a case study from ishing reference in máíhĩ̵̀kì. Description of the kutenai historical development of reduplication, with special reference to semantics: universals in the polysemy of reflexive and causative ting discourses from networks using an inheritance-based tical relations in chinese: synchronic and diachronic ional and concessive clauses in modern greek: a syntactic and semantic my, aspect and modality in brazilian portuguese: the case for a cognitive explanation of -margarida salomãl prosodies of mandarin: comparative evidence from chinese dialects.