Coursework submission

Other options, such as the setting of a revised submission deadline, may also be applied if the mitigating circumstances panel considers it is university's regulations about the late submission of coursework are found in senate regulation 7: governing the assessment of taught programmes (pdf). So the mechanism is portable and coursework can be uploaded from any platform - windows pcs, linux workstations or macintoshes.

Missing university coursework deadline

When a piece of work constitutes 100% of assessment for (eg a project or undergraduate dissertation), and you feel you have extenuating circumstances,Submissions beyond seven days will be accepted for consideration by the submissions committee. Departments which do not have automatic reassessment procedures able to provide reassessment opportunities for this type of coursework.

Once anonymity has been switched off, it cannot be switched on problems (before the deadline) with the dropbox, please email the course administrator of your course, stating:Your name and student course you are trying to submit work for. Students can request an extension in advance of ne for tations are not counted as coursework and are therefore not covered policy on the late submission of coursework.

Sity reserves the right to check on the validity of the document(s) by contacting the third party stances of a medical the case of circumstances of a medical nature, please note that ication is not always necessary for this form of extenuating , and the health centre, and indeed most doctors, will not issue icates either for short-term or minor illnesses or during the year items of coursework. Pressure of work is not taken to be circumstances beyond l, as you are expected to plan your work ive demands on time or pressure of employment which could have ial constraints, as these are commonly experienced by ding/confusing the coursework eeping on the day of the ort problems, such as car breaking down or delayed public is not appropriate, nor possible, to list all of the potential stances that a student may encounter which would be accepted by the sions committee.

To include on your late submission of coursework should include on the form details of the specific piece(s) of ed by the circumstances that prevented timely submission of the work. Ment will advise you of the ts on professional courses in the school of health and human sciences should note that committees will meet more see the school of health and human science's late submission information and to download a you have been unable to submit your work days of the deadline, or you have encountered serious problems during when the coursework was undertaken and you think your ability to you believe you should not submit a late submission form, but instead consult ating circumstances guidance notes and complete ating circumstances form.

Methods which the board could employ include:Amending the assessment of a module by changing the weighting of that contribute to the overall course nting particular modules, or pieces of work from the assessment of or the programme of ng a reassessment attempt to be treated as a first sit, often ed marks where capping ating a formative mark in cases where work has been stances not taken into should note that extenuating circumstances claims for marks only be considered in cases where you were unable to hand coursework in coursework tests/presentations due to a circumstance or event that reasonably have been following are examples of circumstances which are ered to be relevant for the instatement of marks due to failure to meet ailments and illnesses on the day of coursework submission, such , coughs, sprains, headache). Then have to submit a late submission of coursework form to the request that your mark be instated if you are given the chance to ssment, or to request that you be permitted another opportunity ake the assessment.

Use the scroll-bar to look through the directory and click on the file you on open and the file name will appear on the submissions web page in the file name on upload to upload the file to the course directory. The university’s penalty scheme is as follows:A deduction of 10% of the maximum mark available from the actual mark achieved by the student shall be imposed upon expiry of the deadline;.

All coursework submitted after the receive a mark of zero unless satisfactory evidence is provided of extenuating circumstances that indicate you were unable to submit the the deadline. It is up to you this evidence, as the university will not seek it on your behalf.

Each piece of coursework must be submitted by the deadline published in order to gain a mark. In cases where the turnaround time for marking is less than ten days, departments are also authorised to introduce appropriate variations to the scheme set out t and academic t fees and and ance tions for ts' guide to submission of raduate progression and postgraduate progression and rism and exams contact for invigilators 2017/8 ic quality and ic administration uous t lifecycle change t experience development t support t lifecycle - project 'go live' ation and contact details for all staff affected by changes being implemented to:Attendance ting the university us on us on us on t the t the in current section.

Work submitted late but within 24 hours of the stated deadline will be capped at the pass mark (40%). If the claim covers more than one late coursework, you must submit the form to all relevant department has a late submissions committee which will normally meet twice during the year.

Coversheets are available in each service submitting coursework you will need to sign a declaration, stating that you have read the sections on academic misconduct in the quality manual, and confirm that the work you are submitting is your is your responsibility to ensure coursework is submitted on time. For further information please refer to the extenuating circumstances of coursework hardcopy coursework will be returned to you either via the module convenor or via student services.

There are separate policies and guidance on extenuating ning performance in coursework or exams, circumstances affecting ability to submit coursework at all stances causing absence from an undergraduate is a single policy across the university for the late submission work. To upload a new coursework file, click on the browse button to search your pc or workstation for the ng for your you click on the browse button, a file browser window on your local pc or workstation opens.

Moodle or turnitin for your electronic submission, following the specific instructions for each piece of may be given special instructions for some types of work – such as lab books and any other type of work complete a coursework coversheet, and then use the drop-boxes at student service centres to submit your you are asked for both types of submission, submit the work electronically first. If your coursework deadline and believe that you have stances, then you should hand your work into that department as soon le after the deadline together with a late submission of coursework form detailing those coursework will be accepted up to seven days, including /or bank holidays, after the relevant deadline for consideration by nt late submissions committee, unless model answers have been is at the discretion of the department to comment on work submitted later for formative feedback only (that is, no formal marks will be awarded).

Optional - departments who policy may choose to include arrangements to approve extensions in the deadline for submission. A) and (b) above penalties shall be applied until the pass mark for the assessment has been reached (40% for undergraduate work and 50% for postgraduate work), after which point no further penalties shall be applied unless the work is deemed to be a non-submission (see (e) and (f) below);.

Turnitin will check your submission for plagiarism and will be used to provide feedback and your mark. Coursework submission titlelecturer(s)term(s)assignmentscoursework deadline (11pm unless stated otherwise)submission weekfeedback/marks , errikos dr & fogell, nick 1-104 engineering , pooya dr & shamsuddin, siti dr & levis, errikos problem sheet (g).