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Struktuur, styl طَريقَة العَرْض представяне apresentação prezentace, uvedení die darstellung udformning εμφάνισηpresentación esitlus ارائه؛ عرضه esittämistapa présentationהגשה प्रस्तुतीकरण, प्रदर्शन, प्रस्तुति izlaganje bemutatás; előadás penyajian framsetning presentazione 発表 발표 pateikimas, apipavidalinimas izteiksmes veids; izklāsts penyampaian presentatieframstilling, framføring, utføring sposób przedstawienia, układ ارايه، وړانديز apresentação (mod de) prezentare подача prezentácia, uvedenie predstavitev predstavljanje presentation, framställning, utformning การนำเสนอ sunuluş 描述 подавання طرز تحرير cách trình bày 描述3. C ] a talk giving information about something: the speaker gave an interesting presentation on urban transport.

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The manner of presenting, esp the organization of visual details to create an overall presentation of the project is excellent but the content poor. 1350–1400; middle english < late latin] pres`en•ta′tion•al, rusantonymsrelated wordssynonymslegend:switch to new thesaurus tation - the activity of formally presenting something (as a prize or reward); "she gave the trophy but he made the presentation"ceremony - the proper or conventional behavior on some solemn occasion; "an inaugural ceremony"tation - a show or display; the act of presenting something to sight or view; "the presentation of new data"; "he gave the customer a demonstration"demonstration, presentmentshow - the act of publicly exhibiting or entertaining; "a remarkable show of skill"exhibition - the act of exhibiting; "a remarkable exhibition of musicianship"exposure - presentation to view in an open or public manner; "the exposure of his anger was shocking"performance - the act of presenting a play or a piece of music or other entertainment; "we congratulated him on his performance at the rehearsal"; "an inspired performance of mozart's c minor concerto"lecture demonstration - presentation of an example of what the lecturer is discoursing aboutcounterdemonstration - a demonstration held in opposition to another demonstration; "supporters of the president organized a counterdemonstration in his support"tation - the act of making something publicly available; presenting news or other information by broadcasting or printing it; "he prepared his presentation carefully in advance"display - exhibiting openly in public view; "a display of courage"unveiling - putting on display for the first time; "he attended the unveiling of the statue"production - a presentation for the stage or screen or radio or television; "have you seen the new production of hamlet?

Ghost at the banquet was the company that gave no presentations but made its presence felt everywhere: economist, "shop till you dropstores are being hit by online retailing," 26 oct. Act of presenting) → presentación f (jur) [of case] → exposición fon presentation of the voucher → al presentar el vale2.

Times, sunday times (2007)he simply bounced out of his car and set off on foot to get to the presentation ceremony on time. In the 1600s, presentation was commonly used to mean "show or play," as in "a theatrical presentation.

Act of presenting) → presentazione f; (report) → relazione (law) (of case) → esposizione fon presentation of the voucher → dietro presentazione del buonoto make a presentation of sth (plan, report) → presentareb. Against presentation, at documents against nts against tation a person who pays rent for the use of land or a ng and peeking (more words for looking and seeing).

Christianity today (2000)and to cap a miserable championship he was criticised for snubbing the presentation ceremony. Known use: 15th words from the same presentation defined for english-language presentation defined for e your inner word nerd.

Debut, launch, launching, coming out, introduction, reception the white dress she had worn for her presentation at courtpresentationnoun1. Used of a disease or condition: the presentation of thyroid disease during ′en·ta′tion·al tation (ˌprɛzənˈteɪʃən) n1.

Tation - the act of presenting a proposalproposal, proposition - the act of making a proposal; "they listened to her proposal"first reading - the first presentation of a bill in a legislaturesecond reading - the second presentation of a bill in a legislature; to approve its general principles (britain) or to discuss a committee's report and take a vote (us)tation - a visual representation of somethingdisplayfloat - an elaborate display mounted on a platform carried by a truck (or pulled by a truck) in a procession or paraderepresentation - a creation that is a visual or tangible rendering of someone or somethingsnellen chart - display consisting of a printed card with letters and numbers in lines of decreasing size; used to test visual acuityspectacle - an elaborate and remarkable display on a lavish tation - formally making a person known to another or to the publicintro, introductionmaking known, informing - a speech act that conveys informationdebut - the presentation of a debutante in societyreintroduction - an act of renewed tation - (obstetrics) position of the fetus in the uterus relative to the birth canal; "cesarean sections are sometimes the result of abnormal presentations"posture, attitude, position - the arrangement of the body and its limbs; "he assumed an attitude of surrender"midwifery, obstetrics, tocology, ob - the branch of medicine dealing with childbirth and care of the motherpresentationnoun1. Presentation can be a ceremony of giving some gift or award, and it can also be a demonstration or show — like a dog training presentation at your local pet store.

Submission, offering, tabling, proposal, delivery, introduction, tendering, proffering the presentation of the government's economic report5. Often capital) another name for (feast of) tational, s english dictionary - complete & unabridged 2012 digital edition © william collins sons & co.

The part of the fetal body in advance during american heritage® stedman's medical dictionarycopyright © 2002, 2001, 1995 by houghton mifflin company. View in contextthe paintings represented subjects connected with the various supposed duties of the soul, and its presentation to different divinities, with numerous identical human figures, intended, very probably, as portraits of the persons embalmed.

Presentation is one of the 4000 most commonly used words in the collins ations for 'presentation'. Manner or style of speaking, instructing, or putting oneself forward: his presentation was very ce.

They gave a powerpoint presentation explaining what they hoped to /strategy presentation closing a sale constitutes the objective of any sales presentation. View in contextno grace, no youth, no beauty, could stand out against such a presentation.

Visual representation of elaborate display mounted on a platform carried by a truck (or pulled by a truck) in a procession or y consisting of a printed card with letters and numbers in lines of decreasing size; used to test visual elaborate and remarkable display on a lavish scale. Is presented: give/make/do a presentation i made a presentation to the board, but sadly it was rejected.

Example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'presentation. Example position of a baby inside its mother just before the baby is al birth presentations.

Cesarean sections are sometimes the result of de, position, arrangement of the body and its the path to systematic vocabulary noun presentation means the official giving, or presenting, of something. The act of giving something to someone in a formal way or in a tation defined for tion of presentation for students.