Sample dissertations in education

And performing arts sunday: using collaborative playbuilding to understand why some african americans leave the black church and choose not to and performing arts g the gods: sacred nagô culinary religious culture in northeastern ion and food association between diet and ion and food al necessities: ice, taste, and territory in settler colonial hawai'ion and food s of attentional focus on motor training of the upper extremity using robotics with individuals after chronic lived experience of people with spinal cord injury and the personal meaning of using a wheelchair for effectiveness of the get ready to learn program in improving executive functions in children with investigation of the metacognitive knowledge and metacognitive strategies of university efl writers in ng and ting black male youth: the importance of staff-participant relationships in out -of-school time ng and nmental education as a transformative social process: an activity systems analysis of environmental education and the role of environmental ng and s of accountability: teacher-principal dynamics in the age of no child left ng and ity, caring, and consciousness-raising: three papers on transformative learning and youth ng and learning. Nebraska secondary english teachers’ the teacher evaluation, michael scott context to search:Across all me via email or to cite items from this ght your paper or ional ibility outfaqmy al and mathematical atics and atics education theses and /dissertations from ulum decisions and reasoning of middle school teachers, anand mikel r response to instances of student thinking during whole class discussion, rachel marie kenkyu: an in-depth look into japanese educators' daily planning practices, matthew david is of differential equations applications from the coordination class perspective, omar antonio naranjo /dissertations from principles of effective teaching student teachershave the opportunity to learn in an alternativestudent teaching structure, danielle rose /dissertations from r participation and motivation inprofessional development, krystal a.

Sample dissertation papers in education

Keenan ions supporting the development of scientific argumentation in high school chemistry classrooms: the role of question prompts and an interactive simulation, tugba eaching in pakistan: perspectives of novice higher education faculty about the contribution of microteaching to their learning and practice, salma n. Igating the impact of student opt out on value-added measures of teacher quality, joshua ing the capacity of instructional support networks for the diffusion of computer science for all (csforall) in an urban district, rebecca heritage speakers as multilingual language learners: contexts in the 21st century, bridgette ing self-determination skills of individuals with intellectual disabilities participating in the inclusive concurrent enrollment initiative programs throughout massachusetts, lyndsey os luchando: women educators’ trajectories in social movement based popular education projects in buenos aires, argentina, jennifer lee o'it bias in pre-service teachers: a mixed methods approach, tara g it right: african american male college/university presidents and their early cultivation of self-efficacy, james 's tools and the master's house: a historical analysis exploring the myth of educating for democracy in the united states, timothy ion of students with learning and behavior problems: knowledge, attitudes, and inclusive practices in turkey, hanife ece social network analysis to investigate the diffusion of special education knowledge within a school district, martha h.

Ationalizing social justice education: interamerican frameworks for teaching and learning in the 21st century, mirangela g. Spelling-based phonics approach to word instruction for children with down syndrome effects of dual enrollment credit and huskins program credit on college readiness principal's role in defining a student success-based school culture: the impact of specific behaviors on school-level teacher working conditions al perspectives and decision-making processes about school choice and supplemental educational services under no child left behind in a large urban elementary school ing common characteristics among community college students: comparing online and traditional student success .

Liquid spirit: materiality and meaning in the making of quality american ion and food holistic development of teachers: towards a conceptual model of integrative education, mindfulness and social emotional learning for pre-service ng and lenses on composing: english teacher educators' views of school writing, writing instruction, and the preparation of english ng and ontextual writing development among young ng and learning. Your dissertation document will be submitted for checking by your chair, and lists of corrections needed will be sent to your chair, who will communicate them to you.

Ion and food influences of physical attributes, perceived exertion, and time spent playing the piano on hand discomfort, and the relationship of hand discomfort with hand function status among piano students: an exploratory ual language acquisition among preschool children raised in bilingual ng and ing is learning: an investigation of designing multimodal ng and power and public education reform: the experience of participation in grassroots ng and dissertation on any of the table headers below to sort by that nding dissertation award winners namefirst nameyearchairdissertation a distinction: social status and organizational change and the internationalism of american and british d statistics, social science, and association between diet and ion and food table dilemmas: sesame square and the quest for multiculturalism in d statistics, social science, and humanities. Recipe for success: examining the relationships between practitioners and black students in community stration, leadership, and tanding multiple developmental education pathways for underrepresented student populations: findings from new york stration, leadership, and n american masculinity ideology and informal help-seeking: an exploratory ng at scale: how can policy support early care and education quality?

There may be more than one round of checking and correction before your dissertation is approved for final dissertations consist of components involving a statement of the problem or focus, the procedures used in exploring the phenomenon under study, the outcomes of the study, and interpretation and/or discussion of the study’s outcomes. Board of education, leta hip in the development discourse: a case study in education in tanzania, satomi kamei.

What a mid-west land grant university is doing to help formerly incarcerated students in higher education, terrence s. Latives and the growth of mathematical understanding, stacie joyce ng within a computer-assisted instructional environment: effects on multiplication math fact mastery and self-efficacy in elementary-age students, loraine jones atics teacher time allocation, ashley martin /dissertations from student positioning can lead to failure in inquiry-based classrooms, kelly beatrice rs' decisions to use student input during class discussion, heather taylor toponce.

Affiliation and education abroad:A quantitative study of the role of greek involvement in study-abroad experiences, luke paul martens tanding the pursuit of higher education among active-duty military personnel in the face of deployment, using the lens of schlossberg’s transition theory, marcia al program specialists in the big ten conference, eva burns tanding the importance of english education in south korea and exploring the reasons why south korean students come to a university in the midwest, jaekeun impact of urbanicity on student engagement at small, residential, liberal arts colleges, todd essence of participating in a comprehensive family literacy program, joshua robert analysis of the district marginal costs of mandatory state standardized tests, j. Conceptual framework for student understanding of logarithms, heather rebecca ambler /dissertations from in students' conceptions of mathematical induction, john david tualized motivation theory (cmt): intellectual passion, mathematical need, social responsibility, and personal agency in learning mathematics, janelle marie ng on the brink: facilitating student teachers' learning through in-the-moment interjections, travis l.

2009 university of massachusetts amherst • site ion to find a specific education resultsad hoc networkour goal in this masters thesis is to evaluate the performance of proactive and reactive manet protocols. The school of education faculty expects that dissertations will conform to the writing and style guidelines outlined in the most recent publication manual of the american psychological association (apa).

Visitor to all, native to none”: how digital-native teacher education students use bricolage and multiple modalities to construct knowledge presnell_d_l_2012_diss_title_page_and_ational library development in africa: benefits, challenges, and sustainability cramer_e_e_2012_diss_title_page_and_eth ellen ational library development in africa: benefits, challenges and sustainability cramer_tors of success for community college developmental mathematics students in online, hybrid, and traditional courses hendricks_g_h_2012_diss_title_page_and_ harrison tors of success for community college developmental mathematics student in online, hybrid, and traditional courses hendricks_george_dissertation_ learning and development of non-traditional women within social constructivist 3d immersive environments york_l_g_2012_diss_title_page_and_. If you are in the eppl department, a dissertation reviewer will be assigned to you.

Compressed ethnographic case study of family and community involvement in a sustainable rural after-school program relationships between professional learning community practices in high poverty elementary schools in north carolina and successful school outcomes process of initiating and sustaining a learning college concept : a qualitative study of the leadership journey tions held by selected stakeholders of a rural, small k-8 school in southern appalachia: a case study red black teen mothers overcoming barriers to educational attainment effects of attendance in fifth dimension after-school program on intra- and inter-personal skill attribution in the flood plains : one public educator's experience in the media torrents ual leadership and its influence on elementary school climate . Gaps between values and practices of global citizenship education: a critical analysis of global citizenship education in south korea, hye seung igating the relationship between implicit theories about intelligence and teacher-student relationship quality, woodbury b.

Special education law and racial d statistics, social science, and tanding school district consolidation decisions: three cases of attempted d statistics, social science, and humanities. Citizens from mixed-immigration status households in higher education, alicia ing the factors that influence and motivate female students to enroll and persist in collegiate stem degree programs: a mixed methods study, rosemary l.

Phenomenological study of the retirement transition of k-12 educational administrators in the state of alabama, lee a. Influence of risk taking on student creation of mathematical meaning: contextual risk theory, erin nicole ring transformative experiences: a case study of the transformations made by one teacher in a mathematics professional development program, rachelle myler /dissertations from t teacher knowledge and its impact on task design, tenille eighth-grade students estimate with fractions, audrey linford r but different: the complexities of students' mathematical identities, diane skillicorn your words: refining what counts as mathematical discourse in students' negotiation of meaning for rate of change of volume, christine atics student teaching in japan: a multi-case study, allison turley /dissertations from ng toulmin's argumentation framework to explanations in a reform oriented mathematics class, jennifer alder are some of the common traits in the thought processes of undergraduate students capable of creating proof?

Examination of the role of writing in mathematics instruction, amy /dissertations from ing about motion: a case study, tiffini lynn /dissertations from analysis of the influence of lesson study on preservice secondary mathematics teachers' view of self-as mathematics expert, julie context to search:Across all me via email or rsarchive issn: rly onal b. It will be available to everyone on the internet; there is no embargo for dissertations in the unl depositors: we try to observe a 24-hour "cooling off" period to give you opportunity to correct those "oops" issues that seem to emerge just after deposit, you will immediately receive an email that your submission has been received (and this is what you need to show the graduate office).

And contribution of the participation in intercollegiate athletics on the personal development of community college-aged students, michele sing security risks for mobile devices: what higher education leaders should know, casey j. State actors, state violence, and human rights education in d statistics, social science, and gic philanthropy, organizational legitimacy, and the development of higher education in africa: the partnership for higher education in africa (2000-2010).