Technology a2 coursework

This iswhere the part is dipped in an electrically conductivesolution called an electrolyte (usually an acid) and acurrent is then passed thorough it. Check that you do not goover the marked lines and that you take measurements so that it is the correctsize.

A2 design and technology coursework exemplar

This also addsto the advantage of ikea styled components that canbe bought and assembled together at the users willuse:• the components will be rigorously tested before r, if a part does break, components will beavailable as they will be made on a mass scale and thecomponents will be sold as separate items to allowthe function of interchangeable partsend of life:• as the majority of materials will have been recycledthey could be recycled again. What training courses are out how to make arrangements for candidates with special needs in their examinations.

Make sure you use some scrap mdf to preventimpressions and also that the excess glue is cleaned upwith a damp clothuse circular saw to cut the birch ply down toyes? Use a straightobject to make sure that both holes are lined upcheck for any deformities and whether there are anydangerous cturing: bracket pintake a steel rod of 12mm in diammeter of at least 150mmin lengthcheck the diammeter is correct using a set of verniercalipersplace the rod in the headstock of the lathe and tightenwith a chuck key (remember to remove it after!

This is alsodue to the fact that the silicon parts can be made soquickly and cheaply. This makes it not “just” adesk and puts a bit of simple engineering into theproduct.

Right angled magnets to secure a tube to a sure the mig machine is set up to the correct temperature,feed rate and that the argon is turned on. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your can see my video is queuequeuewatch next video is l a2 music technology coursework 2016 - cribe from music tech student?

So in terms of efficiency of space and buildtime, this idea is would be the better choicedesign1design2 development:drop down mechanismpine bottom, with a smaller piecemounted on top to make thebottom flush when closed and tosit in a groove on the main bodysimple rebate/housing joint witheither birch ply or thin pineside pieces sit onedge of top piece. However, before the powder coatingprocess the edges are brick pressed to a 90o angle to prevent thingsfrom falling off of the sidesadvantages disadvantagescustomised to userspecificationscost and labour per unit goesupmild steel is relatively cheapdue to abundancelow tensile strength for wire,but can be changed withadded chemicals/ processes-cost moreinjection moulding quick andcan produce parts on a largescalecost of running machinery forbatch production is high aspower required for heating andhydraulics costs a lot to runmany finishes can be achievedwith both the mild steel andwood veneerwood veneer could look toocheap aestheticallymanufactured board issustainable as it recycles offcut and requires less trees tobe cut downvery fibrous , so may need tobe treated before usecable tidy:again, this is made from mild steel.

To create the join i had to heat both materials at the same time red hot i could then move the braising rod across the channel to fill it in and the joint is this, i had a few issues, which have made me turn away from this process. Keep loose clothing and hair and hands awayfrom the blade and moving parts and weargogglesno?

And mark the cutting areaon both side pieces of the compartment, markout a 7mm wide channel for the shelves to fit into. The speakerwiring then leads out to a mains supply cable for the user to plug into awall socketbedford smart wall-mounted speaker shelfstages of productionadvantages disadvantagescheaper than buying hardwoods as they areharder to source sustainably and are denserthan more common lightwoods, such as pineuser may feel that the product is “cheap tat”due to materials usedpossibility to have any aesthetic look due tolaminating or staining or paintingit is very costly, about 6 times more than theextraction process of iron due to the vastamount of electricity needed throughout theprocessrecycling of wood to make boards is good forenvironment and sustainabilityboards more likely to split under pressuresupport arms capable of holding a vastamount of weightthe wall it is mounted to may not be able totake the weight of the product or the turningforce put upon itdiagram of wall mountinginternal frameshelf and support t analysissmartdesk’s flipit duofunction: the function of the flipit duo is to turn aworking environment revolving around a deskworkspace into a multipurpose platform.

Speaker design is aesthetically pleasing due to itssimplicity and tidinessquality standards:✴ the colour shade is not a huge issue as consumersare only likely to have one per room. Make sureall loose items are tied back and goggles and the guard ut at least 4 pieces of 7mm dowel to 540mm using a benchhook and tennon saw.

Out the positions on the marrying sections ofthe pine using a pencil and, rule and tri square and check their positionis correct. The structure allows students to develop a range of skills and outcomes that demonstrate their creativity, and apply these to a design and make what training courses are the design and technology teacher out how to make arrangements for candidates with special needs in their examinations.

Check that you do not go over the markedlines and that you take measurements so that it is the correct , use a tri square to confirm ? However, the weightmight be an issue, particularly because ofthe distance the unit comes off of the walland therefore the torque applied to thesupport pment:main bodycrosssectionisometric14mm pine block, to mount screenonto securely without the risk ofbreaking it14mm wide and 3mm deeprouted groove to keep thepine mounting block inplace and to prevent anywobble from occurring3mm birch ply will be mounted on4 mitre blocks to seal the back,whilst keeping weight to a minimumcomb joints for maximumstrength to weight ratiomounting block in place, wiringfeeds through slots cut into it50 x 50 slots cut into both side pieces before joiningto main body for speakers to be mounted and connectedmitered blocks of pinebirch ply backingpine screen pment: drop down compartmentsisometricview frontviewcommentisometricview frontviewclient commentbased on my clients initial ideas, this design conforms to modern environmentsnaturally, as it replicates the exiting have of having a tv screen with speaker unitson either side.

Face offboth end to create a clean finishuse a 2mm drill bit, with the rod in a hand vice, todrill all the way through the 6mm end about 15mmfrom the endplace the actuator in the hand vice and use a 6mmdrill bit to widen the hole at the endfile off any burr created during the drilling processusing a flat hand filethe finished cturing: bracket locking pinmanufacturing: mechanism load test 1make sure that it fits snuggly into the hole drilledearlier. Be carefulwhen using the saw to not put hands or have loose clothinggo into the mechanisms.

To do this i first cleaned up the two surface to be joined using emery clothof different grades and then rinsed clean. The aim is to get all thecables in the interior of the product and if possible not have a need for a mains connection, although dependingon resources it may have to, but one cable for multiple items is still a huge improvement.

It still looks like a desk and not out of place when monitor isdownquality standards:✴ the surface finish must be smooth and flush so thatpaper work can still be done✴ the material finish should be precisely what the userhas requested✴ there must be no dents✴ the mechanism must be able to operate withoutdamaging the monitor✴ the moving parts must not wear or break after a shortperiod of timesafety:✴ must not be too heavy to cause injury whilst moving itaround when flat packed✴ edges must be smooth and rounded. Be careful when using thesaw to not put hands or have loose clothing go into themechanisms.

Development of design ion 3 mark pment of design hensive and imaginative range of feasible ticated and elegant solution achieved by exploring different proportions, ingredients and their functions, methods of production and decisions fully hensive and detailed plan for manufacture, with the ability to adapt in the light of changing range of imaginative and feasible development of product achieved by investigating a range of different ingredients and their functions and methods of production and design decisions fully ed plan which identifies sequences of activities for adequate range of feasible ideas with some te development to allow a successful product to be produced which includes some experimental work with different ingredients and their functions and methods of explanation of most design plan that identifies the essential stages of d range of feasible ideas with little development with little evidence of explanation of design decisions. This makes it a fairly light, which makes iteasy to lift during installation and reduces thetorque being exerted on the support struts holdingthe main body in place.